After practicing Reiki for 4 years, I was referred to as a Reiki practitioner to someone in need. Initially, I did not want to take up the client for several reasons such as:

I didn’t know if my practice was strong enough to work with critical illnesses. I wasn’t sure how much to charge as an energy exchange. I couldn’t give it free because of the karmic imbalances – and the more critical the issue – the higher the karmic baggage.

What if Reiki did not make a change in the situation? Even though I do my best, I would be held as a flake.

So, there were a lot of these thoughts and I went to my teacher and asked if she wanted to take the case. And she said: No, it is yours to do.

If you don’t start, how will you ever grow?

Everyone must start somewhere and she ensured me that practice was sufficient for the case. She told me how I should ask guidance for the energy exchange and that’s where it all started. I took on my first client and started SW Healing & More.