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Hi! I am Sudha Wadhwani and I first heard of Reiki in 2007, but I truly started my journey with Reiki in 2012 – when a lot of things in my life were falling out of place. Only now that I look back I realize they fell out for better things to fall into place. Over time, I explored various healing modalities including automated writing, channeling, crystals, spiritual healing, guided meditations and I continue to work with them.

Through our bad time, we often curse the circumstances, people, things and the Divine. I did too, even though I did not believe in God! Even today when someone asks me about God, I cannot put it in words. I am not a religious person for I believe that religion comes with certain restrictions and dogmas. However, I am not an atheist either. I have seen Divine Mercy and I cannot deny it because as things panned out, there is no way I could have done it by myself in that frame of mind. 2012 was my lowest of lows.

Since 2016, as I continued to heal, I also started helping others with their healing. I am open to facilitating anyone who wishes to heal –  either via my services or by sharing the things I have learned, I have witnessed and the messages I receive from time to time.

Are you healing yet?

Maybe you will never encounter the things I have and maybe you will encounter greater things than I have. Maybe you will connect to what I share, maybe you won’t. I respect those difference, and I pray that you have at least one interaction with the world of divinity. They are definitely one of the wisest and most loving beings I have interacted.