With structure there is predictability,
With predictability, there is certainty…
But structures break,
Just the way they are made.
And like water trapped in a broken dam,
Everything flows.
It must! Reluctantly or gracefully.
Calmly, or forcefully.
It must mould as per the needs of circumstances.

Planning – a skill that is highly valued by the world of management, and no doubt, it ensures that certain tasks are marked off the to-do list. But I sometimes wonder, can life truly be planned? Sure, society has a template – school, college, work, marriage and then retirement, of course, it doesn’t always go in that order and in the recent times, many have chosen not to follow the template itself! And even for those people, I wonder how they direct their lives… whether planning is important to them. 

Time and again the universe keeps telling me that there is a rhythm to life that needs to be heard. If plans are inconsistent with the rhythm – they often fail. Hear that rhythm! It has volumes to tell you. Hear it out and trust it. I wonder how many people know this and follow it. In my previous post, I spoke about the path of least resistance and when the rhythm is followed, the path appears. It’s not always the easiest to catch on to that path though! 

In this materialistic world, we sometimes aim to achieve things that aren’t meant for us. We strive to live a life not meant for us. We push, and we push a little harder until everything is in place and there is a flow… But the minute we stop pushing, things fall apart. All the plans ever made start to crumble and the dreams become undesirable. It’s become a halt. A painful one. I have seen people go through this, but I wonder how many go through it. And if they don’t go through it – is it because they are on their path of least resistance or is it something else altogether?

Whenever I see a client bogged down by life, I see opportunities beyond their miseries. Only if they would be open to it – a start to something new. It’s a wake-up call. “Hey! I’m life. Listen to me… this is what you think you wanted and needed. Turns out, you aren’t too happy. Just flow with me and I’ll show you what you really want and need – your true happiness” and I urge you when that call comes… follow it. Be accepting towards it. 

Embrace it, for if you don’t, it will drag you anyways. And there are two ways to it. Either you’re stuck in the current situation for as long as you want or take the next best route. You will never know what it holds for you unless you choose to walk that route. 

The more resistant people are, the harder it is. I have rarely met a student or client who is already living from the heart, if they were, they wouldn’t need me as such. If you are living through your heart, I’m glad you know your life’s rhythm. And if you are living a life you dread, I hope you hear the wake-up call – and make the changes you need. Listen to that rhythm – it’s screaming to be heard.

Plans are great tools, but they are just tools. The more rigid they are, the more rigid you become. Hence let them guide your life but not dictate it. I love plans, but I also some loopholes in them, and let time fill them. Because when the time is right, things arrive and circumstances arise – some good, some bad – and they will change life for better or worse. And that’s where perspective counts. With synchrodestiny working, there are things bound to happen and sometimes we stop them by intensive planning – so then, they just barge into our lives and destroy the plans. Eventually, new plans are required to work through new situations. So planning is important but so is flexibility and being in synch with the divine life rhythm.

It is really up to us to find the right mix and live it through.

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