They say anger is like fire burning inside, if you don’t extinguish it, it will burn you alive. And it is true, anger can make people do so many things they may regret – or even worse burn their conscience to a point where any action taken in anger cannot be reflected upon. 

Channeled Message

There are several causes for Anger – hurt, pain, irritation, need for control – and no matter the cause, they hurt the holder of anger more than anyone. Each time one gets angry, one loses certain control over themselves. More than that each incident of anger creates a habitual behavior for it to occur the next time anything similar happens. This pathway gets created stronger and stronger until being angry becomes a norm – given that nothing is done to stop it from being a norm. It is one big cause of misery. Anger makes sure one loses out on life moment by moment. 

Reiki principles guide the practitioner to be aware of this behavior, but not everyone will follow the principles – they follow the practice. When a Reiki session is administered, the calmness and relaxation that follows with it, helps the receiver to experience what love, warmth, and healing feel like – this is completely opposite to what they would normally feel. The more they experience, the less time they have to be angry and that itself reduces the habit of anger. Reiki also creates a sense of well being and safe space – where no matter what goes wrong there is tingling energy that will make it right. It helps the person to remember that things go the way they have to go and its best to let it be if it’s out of our control. It helps the client understand and reflect how things could become worse just because of habitual anger. 

Reiki with its gentle way takes its sweet time, but all the same, ensures that with each session things become better. 

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