It is extremely common to have these two monsters attack at the same time. It’s sometimes hard to understand how they go together. Anxiety brings out all the nervous and unused energy out, while depression tries to “save energy” by creating feelings where one doesn’t want to do anything. They’re on opposite ends, one is hyperactivity and the other is glum. When they appear together it is like wanting to do nothing and yet having a fidgety foot.  And they appear together when one last lost perception of what things can be like if they were to be changed. Often times they occur when things are not going well, and when you lack the vision to the change the situation, they persist. Now, that doesn’t mean that it cannot happen to someone who’s living a comfortable life. Just because someone is living a comfortable life, it doesn’t mean they are aligned to their life purpose. 

Sometimes one can have all the luxuries of the world and yet have no meaning in life. What does one do with a meaningless life? It’s a struggle. To find meaning in the despair, in the luxuries, in hardships, in responsibilities and in duties is not easy. Sometimes we get so lost in the world that we lose ourselves. There is fear. And then there is sleep. I have known people who would sleep long hours just so they don’t have to feel their gut in their mouth from anxiety, and so they don’t have to look out the window and know the time is passing by yet there is nothing they want to do to seize the moment. 

I don’t believe in antidepressants, they may be good for a quick-lift-me-up in the darkest of days, but they are not the solution.

Just in case someone does happen to find them in their sorry state, the monsters temporarily disappear. They return though, with the darkest of thoughts. It’s never easy to truly know how one feels. If certain strategies make one feel better, there’s no guarantee it will not return. When anxiety and depression do show up together, it is extremely important to manage them, find meaning in life and gain various perspectives. It is easy to say, but it takes time and needs discipline. It is also difficult to have discipline when there’s an uneasy feeling throughout the day. Just because its difficult and there is uncertainty involved, many people would rather be stuck with a known enemy than an unknown friend… until they start feeling at ease. 

I don’t believe in antidepressants, they may be good for a quick-lift-me-up in the darkest of days, but they are not the solution. The solution comes from within, the inner-work, through meditation, reiki, automated writing, exercise, sound healing, holistic work. Any approach that is continuous, progressive over time and takes into consideration your body, mind, emotions, and soul. It doesn’t matter what approach is selected, it does matter whether you are committed to it. 

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