With the digital age, more conversations happen online than offline. The world has become small, sometimes the connections we have online seem real than the ones we have offline. The younger generation, or the generation z as we categorize them, is better at emoting in text than in-person conversations. ABC can have the most animated conversation with them on message but when ABC meets them, they seem lifeless. I wonder if its because they feel safer to emote behind a screen for privacy reasons. 

Whatever it is, each generation has a very different way of emoting their thoughts and feelings. And, that’s just about explicitly expressing them. Each one feels emotions internally very different. It is not necessary to have a high EQ to be highly emotional. There are people who do not have a high EQ but feel things very deeply. 

All these emotions that we have, are merely created by our perceptions of the cause. These perceptions are highly linked with the behaviors, characteristics and thought processes that we have. These three factors are also very closely linked with life lessons. So every emotion that we have is ultimately linked to our life lessons. Sometimes, difficult emotions are the ones to teach us the most. For example, grief teaches us compassion and empathy. Each emotion can teach us something. Some people are prone to certain emotions, like anger. Anger is an emotion if fed well, it will keep returning. When it is controlled in the heat of the moment, it will return with lesser intensity the next time. And if one has time to study why they are more prone to certain emotions, they will see what is one quality they are meant to ingrain. That one quality is part of one’s life lessons. 

Difficult emotions can be the ones to teach us the most

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