Today, I came across this beautiful diagram explaining how energy transference occurs. And this is why it is so important to shield ourselves. 

So, what is energy transference? Each person has their own energy fields. Their personal life force energy. This is within the body and outside it too – often seen as the aura. Whatever we think, feel and emote has the power to modify the quality of the aura. 

As the first law of thermodynamics states, energy cannot be created nor destroyed – it can only be transformed. Our life force energy works on that principle too. It can only be transformed from positive to negative and vice versa. Higher amounts of localized stagnant negative energy will result in diseases and ailments, therefore it is always better to prevent taking in negative energy, and release or transmute the negative energy we have.

When we don’t shield we are open to exchanging energies with others, good and bad. We can take theirs in and give them ours. The exchange of positive energies is, of course good because they enhance the existing energies. Imagine the same happening with the negative energies – we would be miserable. 

A lot of times when we talk to people, we absorb their moods or we get drained, tired, or unhappy. It is because we have taken in their feelings, thoughts, emotions in the form of energy. This is the easiest way to see it, but there are also cases where you can just enter a room and intake the energies of the room or the people in the room. Any place with a traumatic history can also influence your energy field, as you take in the experience of the eerie place. It is not necessary that you have to meet someone to exchange energies with them – it can be through the phone, just being in the same area, or even via thoughts. 

Of course, it is impossible to always be mindful of how we are exchanging the energies – so it’s always better to ground (I prefer the tree method), and shield (imagine an invisible bubble around you that protects you, nothing other than your energies and energies for your highest good can enter it) 

While shielding sounds like an imaginary energy protector, I have seen it work in “physical” ways too. I personally don’t like to be exposed to second-hand smoke but in sometimes I end up in situations where I am. Whenever I shield with the intention to keep the smoke away, it works! Either there will come a fan, a breeze or the person will move away. It works wonders. 

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