I would say fear is one of the stronger emotions in the lot. It is capable of making a perfectly sound person paranoid and sometimes even to the edge of being insane. Fear triggers certain chemical reactions in the body such as cortisol – the stress hormone. Given our lifestyle today, we already produce high levels of cortisol and if we add prolonged un-contained fear, we increase the risk for stress-related disease… and anxiety. 

To deal with anxiety that occurs from fear, it is important to target the fear and its root cause.

It is absolutely normal to be fearful of something or the other. But when your fear starts making decisions on your behalf or makes your behavior uncontrollable, it becomes a problem. Uncontrollable fear leads to anxiety because we unconsciously realize we lack control on the situation. 

The fear, however, is a perception that determines your anxiety levels. Losing a loved one is a legit fear. If the loved one is in the middle of a high-risk surgery with 2% chance of survival, the fear is justified – but at that time anxiety will not be predominant because there will be other things to take care of i.e. hospital formalities, taking care of other loved ones etc. On the other hand, having a gut-clenching fear despite knowing that the loved one is safe, healthy and happy is quite uncommon. It is a perception that one can never be sure what happens the next minute. It is like living in paranoia because you cannot control whether this loved one lives or not. And because there is nothing concrete about it, there isn’t any task at hand. The lack of concreteness leads to anxiety. Anxiety is not something that occurs when one is engrossed in doing the task at hand, it is something that creeps up when the uncomfortable thoughts engulf us. 

To deal with anxiety that occurs from fear, it is important to target the fear and its root cause. I like to use Reiki for that. It helps to heal the root cause without making it too uncomfortable. The last thing an anxious person needs is to be more uncomfortable. I like reflective meditation too, it gives you answers. It helps the person know more about why they are clenched with such fears and why these fears were triggered. 

Anxiety is a gateway to knowing oneself better. It gives you the opportunity to face yourself and seek answers. When one is happy, what answers can one seek? Even if one seeks, they are not good enough to deeply know one’s wounds. It is best to see and heal the wounds when they are truly open. 

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