While growing up sometimes we were prodded towards gender-specific behaviors, i.e. a boy shouldn’t play with dolls or a girl shouldn’t wear pants to her own wedding. Today, even though we’ve made huge progress towards “un-labeling” behaviors to an associated gender, we still have a long way to go. 

I believe it is not gender that helps us choose certain behaviors but instead our energies. Each human – man or woman, girl or boy – has a trace of the masculine and the feminine. Without the two forces, no one could be born and it is important to honor them both. In today’s world, it is rewarded to nurture the masculine energy – which is logical, giving, aggressive, ambitious, materialistic, and protective. These are the qualities that get a person up the corporate ladder. They are important qualities in this day and age, but over nurturing them reduces the nourishment the feminine energy receives. The feminine energy is about being intuitive, creative, nurturing, receiving and expressing. These qualities are just as important as the masculine energies, yet they aren’t nurtured enough. They exist not just in women but in men too. In fact, in today’s world, there are more men who nurture their feminine side and allow it to play a role in their lives. Women in today’s world, on the other hand, are trying hard to imbibe the masculine energies instead of taking their feminine energies to the workplace. And this is not entirely their fault, it is what they’ve seen to be valued. They understand, for them to be taken seriously would mean require them to speak a language the workplace understood. 

 Though, I truly believe that over time, slowly and steadily, the feminine energies are being respected and brought back into the world the way they truly are meant to be felt. The feminine spirit is one that completes the masculine and brings a balance into life. To honor the feminine is not to dishonor the masculine, but instead its a beautiful dance of balance. A balance that brings stability in life and ensures to melt away blockages in the body, mind and life circumstances. 

For today’s Women’s Day, even if you are not a woman, it would be nice to nurture the feminine energies. It can be done in several ways, be it a simple 5 minutes of breath awareness and stating an intention i.e. “I respect the Divine Feminine energies in me, and I nourish them with every breath” or even a prayer to the Divine Feminine energy with whatever you wish – if its for your highest good, you are more likely to get it. 

Happy Women’s Day

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