Master Mikao Usui, the man who re-discovered Reiki as we know it today. It is a wonderful energy healing system that works through the universal wisdom. When Master Usui brought Reiki to us, it had 3 levels and 4 symbols activated through various attunements spread over a certain time duration – where the student would practice and the teacher would determine the readiness of the student to learn more. Over the years, things in the Reiki world have changed a lot. Some of these changes are distance attunements, techniques of attunements, symbol drawing methods and newer Reiki systems. While changes are inevitable, we are lucky that a lot of these changes are positive (at least how I perceive them). Distance attunements were always possible but rarely practiced by traditional masters who trained under Master Usui – perhaps because they viewed attunement methods to be very sacred and wanted to be more involved in the process. Techniques of attunement vary as per lineage mainly because these rituals were immensely sacred and they weren’t meant to be written anywhere. It is possible that every master who trained under Master Usui added their own rituals and passed it to their lineage of master-teachers. Over the generations, some of these rituals because so lengthy that some master-teachers channeled shorter techniques which work equally well. And the symbols, due to their sacredness they were only memorized and never inscribed. It is believed that Master Usui gave out slightly different drawings for the same symbols to different Masters. As of today, there are symbols with the same name and different drawings – some carry intense energies and others slightly less intense, nevertheless all powerful. The evolution of Usui Reiki has occurred in this pattern. 

The Usui Reiki has also lead to re-discoveries of more symbols through various channels. A master-teacher while mediating can intend to be introduced to new symbols or stumble upon them by Divine will. These master-teachers are the channel for these new symbols. The channeler will often club the symbols they are introduced to and form a new type of Reiki i.e. Karuna Reiki, Karmic Reiki etc. All these forms of Reiki require their student to be a practitioner of Usui Reiki at level 2 or 3 (depending on the type and level,  if one wishes to teach the new form of Reiki they need to be master-teacher level 3B in the Usui system). It is said that Reiki originally had more than 1500 symbols that we know of and perhaps more. These symbols were not given to Master Usui because Earth beings were not ready for more. As the vibrations of Earth and its beings has risen, more and more symbols have been given. Not all practitioners learn many forms of Reiki – many will stop at Usui Reiki and some don’t even learn beyond level 2. Reiki has to be a calling, if it isn’t then the dedication required won’t be there. 

Some people feel they can pay to get Reiki done for them and everything will sort itself out, but Reiki is a conscious effort. A practitioner may send all that is required, yet until the person has not made certain changed in the lifestyle or perceptions, it is difficult to see results. In the same way, if a practitioner sends reiki to himself or herself, the changes take time but are more long term. This is mainly because the practitioner’s dedication leads to higher learnings, deeper healings, and greater understandings. There are several who will start their healings but will never see it through to their results due to the lack of dedication and motivation. I have never seen two healing journeys alike. It’s beautiful how the energies interact with human energy and create certain results. 

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