Full Moon Guidance & Meditation

As the moon peaks its cycle, it affects everything around it – including emotions. At this point it is normal to feel extremes – happy and sad both. It is also normal to fluctuate. Be gentle and loving towards yourself. And have faith in the Universe!
Things may seem chaotic, but there is hidden order. For dreams to be fulfilled, order must go into chaos and then back to order – this way all the wishes and dreams can be accommodated for the highest good of all.
Allow yourself to fully believe in what you want, don’t let your emotions waver your faith! It will only delay the outcomes.
Stay Blessed!

–End of channeled message–

The Full Moon theme for this month is “Releasing fear and other toxic patterns to restore faith”. Fear, worry, envy, greed, and other toxic patterns often keep us away from having faith. When we let go of such patterns – especially fear and worry – we allow faith to grow within us. With faith, we are able to communicate to the universe openly and also receive feedback.  While the process of letting toxic patterns go, may take time – it needs to be done and often starts with identification, acceptance and ends with release. This cycle may be done over and over again, until faith is stronger than unwanted feelings.

As always, you can also choose to set another theme as your intention for the Full Moon Meditation.

You can read more about How New Moon and Full Moon Meditations Work  and you can also choose to this GroundingFull Moon Meditation with our audio.

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