Full Moon Guidance

A time to give rather than take:

With the uncertainty everywhere it is very easy to be overwhelmed and worry about the outcomes and be anxious about when things will go back to the familiar routine.

If the familiar routine was so beneficial, we wouldn’t be at this stage. This is an opportunity to move ahead from the flaws of the previous systems into one that is more accepting.

This full moon urges you to explore how you contribute to those around you. Are you a presence that makes people feel at ease? Are you a provider or emotional support? Are you a provider of material needs?

If you can’t identify your contributions – ask your loved ones how your presence affects them. And if you aren’t convinced, go deep within and cultivate your strengths. If each one of us took care of everyone around us – we wouldn’t have to worry about being left behind or not having enough.

The full moon invites you to take this shift from “what do I need or want” to “what can I give and contribute”


–End of channeled message–

The Full Moon Theme for this month is “Finding the balance between self needs and wants and that of others”. Sometimes an imbalance between give and take is exactly what stops people from growing and creates certain feelings and emotions that make everything else seem so overwhelming. Use the moon today to introspect about this balance – what it means for you, and how it can affect your life. Explore what you can do to achieve this balance. 

As always, you can also choose to set this theme as your intention for the Full Moon Meditation. 

It is in line with the oracle card message today. You can read more about How New Moon and Full Moon Meditations Work  and you can also choose to this GroundingFull Moon Meditation with our audio.

If you have any feedback, I’d be happy to hear from you! 

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