At least once in a lifetime everyone will have a difficult relationship. It may be of love-hate, hate, worry, narcissistic, abuse, and what not, some will have a harsher form of it and other may have a milder form of it, but it will always be that one relationship that affects us deeply. We want to just cut them out of our lives, but it’s not always possible for some reason or the other. In this case we can use healing to help us either mend the relationship or cut it off completely – for the highest good of all. 

Channeled from Mother Kwan Yin

Each relationship that we have in this life time is to teach us certain lessons, to guide us in a certain direction. These relationships are filled with emotional essence. Through relationships we feel various emotions and we live these emotions. Sometimes, they are so strong that they guide us to act in a certain way – this way may not even be logical, yet we do it. 

When we heal relationships we heal the karma we have with the other person. It helps us learn our lessons in a calm way, it helps us see through perspectives we wouldn’t otherwise. When these perspectives are given to us through healing, it also enables us to draw certain boundaries that prevent behavioral patterns within relationship to occur on continuous basis. 

All relationships hold certain behavioral patterns through interactions, communications and exchange of behaviors. It is important to see these patterns and understand why they occur, healing helps us gain those perspectives. Often time the things that can harm you are things you are not aware of, because if you were aware, you would prevent it. Hence, it’s important to heal difficult relationships. 

Healing for these relationships can be done in many ways – prayer, reiki, intentions, and other healing forms. Whatever form is chosen, there must always be a reason for which you want to heal the relationship, if there is no reason, there is no dedication towards healing it. 

End of Channeled Message

While healing gives us the perspective towards the relationship, in the background it also heals the karma, the patterns and integrates our learnings into our soul. This integration enables us to grow spiritually and raise our vibrations. Even the Buddhist strongly believe in healing relationships, they use the Metta meditation/prayer to do so. It is very powerful to let go and bless those whom have hurt you, it feels like releasing an attachment that was being dragged around unnecessarily

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