Sometimes the words: healing, treating and curing are used as synonyms to each other but they are not interchangeable. There is a huge difference between the three. Healing is related to mainly energy work, or recovery from surgery. Treating is visible in western medicine and curing is almost magical. While it may not make sense that I propose these terms to be given specific connotations, I think as I explain the intricate differences it will make sense why they are not the same. 

Healing is a form of restoration of the body – to bring it back to health. For example, Ms. ABC has an accident and is advised bed rest for her wounds. The wounds will eventually heal, the body knows exactly what needs to be done so that Ms. ABC can function the way she did before the accident. However, this does not mean that Ms. ABC’s won’t have a scar from the wounds. The scar is a reminder of what the body has been through and what it overcame by its intelligent nature of functioning. Similarly, in Reiki, when healing occurs it makes sure that the root cause is targeted; and Reiki knows how to work with the body to ensure that it can restore the body back to optimum health. In this case, the scar will be experiences – mental and physical. These scars are important because they remind the soul “this is what made you grow”.

Treating is the management of ailments. For example, Ms. XYZ has breast cancer and she has been advised chemotherapy and a breast-conserving surgery – this is to ensure that the cancer cells are killed. The cause of the cancer is not targeted but the symptom (cancer) is being treated to ensure that the person can continue living. Towards the end of the cancer treatment, Ms. XYZ will continue to live but the quality of life will not be the same. Plus, there may be other medicines required to prevent any further complications – this is treatment. 

Curing is again a form of restoration of the body to a point where there is no trace of the illness.  I don’t particularly like the idea of being “cured” because it is slightly unnatural. Even a simple injury leaves a mark on our cellular memory. If we were to erase this memory and every single memory of injuries, the cellular memory would never be intelligent enough to respond to newer forms of injuries and the bacteria they attract. I understand that curing is desirable – why would anyone want to be ill or hurt? But it is important for the body, mind, and soul to be aware of every single journey to health because it carries certain learnings. This doesn’t mean that curing is bad, it is highly important at times. Overall, I would say “curing” is very rare a sight. 

This is the way I see how healing, treating and curing are different. Each one is important and has its own place in a person’s journey to health. 

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