Holistic Health is an approach to improving health with the balance of mind, body, emotions and soul. We are often taught about the factors of healthy living as eating right, exercising enough, getting proper rest and drinking good amounts of water. Many theories forget that health is also impacted by our thoughts, feelings, karmas, life lessons and perceptions. 

When we approach health holistically, we analyze all the factors – not just the tangible factors (like diet) but also the intangible (emotions). The reason for this holistic approach is because when we fall ill, we try to treat the symptoms by medicines but we never ask why are the symptoms occurring? Is it because our immunity is weak? If so, why is the immunity weak? All these questions are important to prevent illnesses. I do not claim that its possible to avoid sickness all your life, but I do believe that trying to prevent sicknesses will bring out certain factors that you need to work on. 

These factors are generally soul factors or energy factors. We as human beings take in breath, food, water, sun, exercise – these are our sources of energies. The first law of thermodynamics in physics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed – only transformed from one to the other. The same way, our body receives these energies but it is up to our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and even the media we consume – to make it negative or positive. The more positive a person, the happier their life is. The more negative a person, the more prone they are to illness. Each negative thought that you have, has an associated part in the body where it gets stuck. If the negative energy is stuck in that body part for a long time, it will have physical symptoms. Cancer sometimes takes more or less two years to progress from a thought to a physical problem. 

beautiful-beauty-blond-hair-1882004It is not always possible to keep the thoughts positive, that’s why meditation is so important. There are six broad categories of meditations – sound healing, movement meditation (yoga, tai chi), mindfulness (Vipassana), Reiki (energy healing), guided meditation, mantra meditation (OM). 

I have always been fond of Reiki, it is a form of energy healing. Energy healing is taking the energy from the universe and giving it to the intended person or yourself. This becomes one more source of human energy. The major difference is that whatever energy we get from the breath, sun, etc can be neutral, negative or positive and we have to convert it into positive for our benefit. But Reiki is already positive, so it is easier to absorb. In the US, approximately 800 hospitals offer Reiki to their patients. This is because Reiki is very soothing, relaxing and most importantly it helps the body to heal.

If you haven’t had a session of Reiki yet, I would suggest you try it – with me or with whichever practitioner you are comfortable with.

You can book your appointment with me here for Distant Reiki Sessions or for in-person sessions in Vientiane, Laos.

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