New Moon is the start of the Lunar Cycle, and Full Moon is the peak. They both are very significant for the nature’s cycle. The most commonly known effects are on water bodies – the high tides and low tides of the ocean. Given that up to 60% of the human body is water, we can safely assume that the moon cycles affect us as well. The Lunar Energy is also known to govern a woman’s menstrual cycle which is on average 28 days – the same as a complete lunar cycle.

Having said that, energetically the start of a lunar cycle is like a clean slate or a fresh start. When we set goals during the new moon, we are sending out an energy frequency and linking it to the cycle of the moon. As the moon progresses, the achievement of the goal develops. By the time the full moon arrives, all the hard work is done and challenges appear – so we use the full moon energies to let go of the resistance and energy blocks and we allow the goals to develop without any interruptions. The full moon is also a great time to do forgiveness and gratitude meditations because it helps you release grudges and resistance towards new opportunities.

Therefore, the New Moon and Full Moon meditations are done to set intentions, to let go of energy blocks, and most importantly to be in sync with nature. In our current lifestyles, we aren’t very in-synch with nature and that is one of the few reasons we are more prone to being sick. Being in synch with nature allows your body to follow a rhythm that is healthy for it.

I hope this has given you an overview of why we do moon-related meditations.

For the New Moon specifically, I suggest:

1) You do the grounding meditation – it helps to set realistic and achievable goals.

2) Have faith in your goals – if you feel you don’t deserve to achieve the goal, you will not achieve it.

3) Keep a journal with your goal so that you can track your progress over the month (the goals can be long term or short term)

For the Full Moon specifically, I suggest:

1) You do the grounding meditation – it helps to set realistic and achievable goals.

2) Review your goals & intentions that were set during the New Moon. You can also address the potential blocks that are making it hard to achieve your goals.

3) Write a list of people you would like to forgive or be grateful for.

Remember, whatever you intend may not come to you the way you expect but it will come in a way that holds the highest good of all.

Here is the Grounding Meditation, the New Moon Meditation, and the Full Moon Meditation.

The New Moon & Full Moon Meditation is a generic one and can be customized based on the theme of the month – you can find that in the blog posts.

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