There used to be a time in my life where I would look at the nasty things some people did, and I would wonder “Is there really such a thing as karma? Why haven’t they gotten back what they have been sowing for a long long time?”. It would seem unfair how people could just continue recklessly with no consequences… after all, karma was the foundation for a lot of things in many cultures and religions. Over the years though, I have seen changes, maybe not in others – but definitely in me. 

After starting my Reiki journey, karma started coming to me much faster than it did before – and perhaps even to the people associated with me. The reason? We are heading closer to cyclical end of energy patterns. The newer generations are bringing in a different kind of energy – much lighter and more responsive. We, who are here before them, are also upgrading ourselves. This upgrading is making us more aligned to our Higher Self and the universe – this makes it easier for us to learn from our karma and move on to newer learnings. 

We are in a constant flow of mind where we think that whatever we do, doesn’t require a karmic check

In the old days, we were taught to see karma as a punishing mechanism for all the “wrong” things that we did or intended. Today, perceptions have changed. We are starting to see karma as a learning pattern, when we act a certain way and it comes back to us, we learn and grow. Ideally, this is a good way to look at it – quite effective for highly conscious people. In fact, many highly mindful and conscious people realize their karmic patterns and take it head-on. They try to resolve it using various methods. This way the reduce the karmic baggage they drag around. 

The tricky part is there are many people who still live recklessly, get their instant karma and yet have no awareness as to why things happened and what they learned. They get stuck in the cycle of repeating the same behavior over and over again. Sometimes, I’m in this place too.

It’s so easy to say “Oh, look what happened to XYZ, it’s her karma getting back at her and yet she doesn’t understand” and it’s so difficult to think “Oh, look, my karma is getting me back for what I did to ABC”. We are in a constant flow of mind where we think what we do, doesn’t require a karmic check. It is difficult to identify when Karma is actually playing out its role – not just in bad times but even good times. 

I am thankful though, the karmic energy is more instant now than earlier. It is easier to reflect on what one did a month back rather than in a couple of prior lifetimes. 

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