At some point in life, each one of us will have the question ‘what is the purpose of life?’. We are born, we live and then we die. So, what is the purpose? Why should life be precious and important when we know we have to return to wherever it is we came from? Is there a guarantee we go where we came from? 

There are many questions one can ask, and there are many answers one can receive. Yet, they don’t always make sense. 

The way I see it, we are born to learn life lessons – which wouldn’t be possible if there were no life! These life lessons are essentially the moments or in some cases, periods of time where we are in situations we don’t understand fully. For example, depression – it is an emotional, mental and psychological situation we face which we can’t always explain. And when we work with it, manage it, and overcome it, we are much wiser. We don’t always understand the way difficult situations help us or benefit us, and that’s okay. The fact that we don’t give up in moments of difficulty is what helps us. These situations may not make us stronger, but they give us a perspective that we wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Some of these situations are quite traumatic and that’s where healing needs to occur. A simple reflection of the situation will help one see the silver lining. A simple prayer or affirmations said and repeated daily can help reduce the trauma. It is always about the person learning the lessons. When lessons are easily learned the events are also less traumatic. So it all depends on how open we are to learning things by experiencing them. 

I have come to see, the more one judges the same fate shall one meet until there is no more room for judgment. 


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