I came across a really surprising video today about narcissistic gaslighting in the energy healing context. It explored how energy healings, tarot readings, therapies, etc could sometimes be clouded by inner-self projections of narcissistic people (either us or those around us). 

Energy wise, they project themselves to be very different from who they are and what they want

Narcissism itself is quite hectic to deal with, if any of you have ever had to, you would know. In person, it can be very confusing unless you actually know the person you are dealing with is a narcissist. Energy-wise, they project themselves to be very different from who they are and what they want. Sometimes they project their inner-self but do not act according to it because they are not consciously aware of it. 

Reiki and certain meditations have definitely helped me identify and even protect myself certain projections. These projections aren’t always ill-intended, but energy protection is important, otherwise, there may be energy drains or hooks on to the aura. 

This is part of the reason why energy practitioners always suggest shielding and grounding. Shield are energy bubbles, pyramids, symbols (and other means) that are used to ensure minimum negative energy impact on self. Grounding helps one center themselves to the earthly realm. These things are done in general, but of course, in specific cases, different methods are required. 


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yatuVCPAkAY&feature=share (about narcissistic gaslighting in energy work 0:00-13:00)

Shielding & Grounding techniques:


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