New Moon Guidance & Meditation

Nothing will come of this situation

As we grow up, our mind is conditioned to think negatively and worry about the situations and outcomes. The more we worry, the less control we have over our emotions and fears.

With all that is going on in the world today, its hard to see an outcome. The volatility and uncertainty makes the outcome feel far away. Yet, we must remember that worry doesn’t portray reality.

As the card suggests, there is nothing to worry about. The storm will pass and we will find a better equilibrium for our lifestyles. The guidance is to just lay low and relax. We’ve been so busy doing things and relaxation can sometimes come with a guilt of not being productive. The universe encourages to let go of that guilt – nothing will come out of it. Embrace this moment as a blessing in disguise.

When we enforce positive thoughts, we slowly change the patterns of negative thinking. And although it is difficult, the progress from thinking negative to positive does happen. Hang in there.


— end of channeled message —

Theme for the new moon: Self Love
1) What does it mean to you?
2) And what goals can you set for it?

Normally, during New Moons & Full Moons, I host a meditation session for a small group in Vientiane, Laos. Due to the current situations, I will not be hosting any meditations. However, that doesn’t mean the meditations won’t happen!

I have attached a YouTube link to my pre-recorded new moon meditation here. Please do the grounding meditation before you start.
Meditation Level: Intermediate – Advanced.

(If you are a beginner, you may need to practice a few times before getting the hang of it…)

For the New Moon Meditations specifically, I suggest:

1) You do the grounding meditation – it helps to set realistic and achievable goals.

2) Have faith in your goals – if you feel you don’t deserve to achieve the goal, you will not achieve it.

3) Keep a journal with your goal so that you can track your progress over the month (the goals can be long term or short term)

Please remember, your intentions will only manifest in a way that holds the highest good of all. It may not be exactly what you expect, but it will fulfill your intention.

Have a good meditation, and I’d love to hear your feedback via message!

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