From Moonology Oracle Cards

Have faith in your dreams:

Even though you’ve been striving, things are just falling apart? 
Actually, it’s the other way round. Things are falling apart because you’re striving. There’s a Divine Timing for everything. And with that Divine Timing, everyone who is impacted by your dreams and wishes is ready. They are ready to allow your puzzle to fit into their lives without major disruptions.
Everything you ask for has an impact on everyone and everything around you and interconnected to you – however subtle it may be. For this impact to not disrupt their lives and the equilibrium of the Earth, the Universe must make certain changes. These changes take a while.
When you give up on your dreams, the Universe must rearrange everything again! So hang in there, and if you wish to speed up the process – ask that you get the best of what you wish for with the highest good of all involved.
That way everyone is positively impacted and your wish is granted sooner 🙂 

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