New Moon Guidance & Meditation – 26th March 2020

Many of you have been working towards a goal for a very long time. In the past few months, the message kept telling you to believe in your dreams. Today, the message is to continue to be persistent because you’re very close to achieving it.

Please know that achieving a goal doesn’t always mean that you have gotten your way, or gotten things in the way you expected it. When goals are achieved, it is actually the intention behind them that is being achieved. We always tend to create goals with underlying emotions, intentions and feelings. The universe may not give you exactly what you ask, but it will serve you what best fits your underlying thought behind asking and working towards the goal.

Step back and reflect about how things are going for you now. If it’s exactly the way you planned, congratulations! If it isn’t, have faith and keep working towards it.

Currently, a lot of things are falling apart for better things to fall into place. Things don’t always look the way they truly are. Have faith, you’re almost through 🙂



Normally, during New Moons & Full Moons, I host a meditation session for a small group in Vientiane, Laos. Due to the current situations, I will not be hosting any meditations. However, that doesn’t mean the meditations won’t happen!

I have attached a YouTube link to my pre-recorded new moon meditation here. Please do the grounding meditation before you start.
Meditation Level: Intermediate – Advanced.

(If you are a beginner, you may need to practice a few times before getting the hang of it…)

This meditation is a generic one that can be used for all new moons, while the specific details will be found here in my article – and you can feel free to customize the generic one to suit the theme of this month!

The theme of this New Moon is: Focus on yourself. 

With the current happenings in the world, a lot of things are falling apart – but only to be replaced by new things eventually. These new things can either be soul nourishing or soul crushing – and that depends on you. Whether you are in a lock down, self-isolating, in quarantine, or even going about your daily life regularly but anticipating certain changes – you have time. Things are be as chaotic as they could be, and that’s a good thing. Because from chaos comes new order.

I urge you to reflect upon your old lifestyles and inspect areas which were soul crushing – if you could go back, what would you change? And if these situations from the past arise in the future, would you act the same way?

How are you going to live differently when you get the next chance?

For far too long we’ve had a herd mentality, is that going to stay? These are the things each individual must decide for themselves.

If you are new to this meditation, please continue reading…

New Moon is the start of the Lunar Cycle, and Full Moon is the peak. They both are very significant for the nature’s cycle. The most commonly known effects are on water bodies – the high tides and low tides of the ocean. Given that up to 60% of the human body is water, we can safely assume that the moon cycles affect us as well. The Lunar Energy is also known to govern a woman’s menstrual cycle which is on average 28 days – the same as a complete lunar cycle.

Having said that, energetically the start of a lunar cycle is like a clean slate or a fresh start. When we set goals during the new moon, we are sending out an energy frequency and linking it to the cycle of the moon. As the moon progresses, the achievement of the goal develops. By the time the full moon arrives, all the hard work is done and challenges appear – so we use the full moon energies to let go of the resistance and energy blocks and we allow the goals to develop without any interruptions.

Therefore, the New Moon and Full Moon meditations are done to set intentions, to let go of energy blocks, and most importantly to be in sync with nature. In our current lifestyles, we aren’t very in-synch with nature and that is one of the few reasons we are more prone to being sick. Being in synch with nature allows your body to follow a rhythm that is healthy for it.

I hope this has given you an overview of why we do moon-related meditations.

For the New Moon specifically, I suggest:

1) You do the grounding meditation – it helps to set realistic and achievable goals.

2) Have faith in your goals – if you feel you don’t deserve to achieve the goal, you will not achieve it.

3) Keep a journal with your goal so that you can track your progress over the month (the goals can be long term or short term)

Please remember, your intentions will only manifest in a way that holds the highest good of all. It may not be exactly what you expect, but it will fulfill your intention.

Have a good meditation, and I’d love to hear your feedback via message!

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