Most practitioners have programmed Reiki at some point in time, yet it is something that is not always taught. I wasn’t taught how to program Reiki, but when I discovered it and confirmed it with a few of my teachers, I loved it!

For those who do not know what programming is: When we program Reiki, we are requesting Reiki to work on a particular thing because we do not have enough time or cannot give it Reiki ourselves. Essentially, programming is a convenient tool to ensure that Reiki works even while you cannot pay attention to it all the time.

Programming can be used for anything and everything. It is a personal choice as to when and where you want to use it.

For example, manifestations; To program Reiki for a manifestation, give Reiki like you normally would but instead of closing it after 15 minutes, you can program it in the first 2 minutes to last for the whole session. To program it, you would say: 

“I program Reiki to flow into my manifestation box (or paper) for the next 1 hour and then automatically dismiss”.

You can also choose to manually dismiss it. In the method above, you are effectively manifesting for 1 hour instead of manually doing it for 15 minutes. Programming is simple, easy, and it saves a lot of time.

If you are sending a distance Reiki session and you want the recipient to be actively involved in the process, then you can program reiki to be called for before being received.

For example, “I program this Reiki session to be received by only when she calls for it by saying [I am ready to receive the Reiki session sent by Sudha W] 3 times”

You can feel free to change the phrase that the recipient must say to start the session, and it is important to remember the way you program may be very different from the way other people program, but that’s okay because Reiki is intelligent and it is flexible to being programmed in several different ways.

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