No matter what situation you are in and what route you choose, there will always be someone who will tell you to pray. They say that God will handle it for you. It is a beautiful feeling only if you believe in God and because you believe he has the power to make your life better. But what about the rest who don’t believe in God?

Well, can surrendering work without a God? I would say absolutely. The minute you surrender, you acknowledge that there are things beyond your control – say nature. This acknowledgment releases a certain amount of pressure and stress from the body. It detaches you as a victim, from you as a creator of your own destiny. Sometimes we blame ourselves for things not working out in a certain way – here, we believe we are the creators and because we aren’t creating, we are suffering like a victim.

The fact is, when you surrender, more than anything else it is your stress level that reduces because you have one less thing to worry about

The moment we surrender, we acknowledge that we have goals which are interdependent on various factors like the weather, the action of other individuals, the interaction of various things and people around us. Once this happens, we keep faith in what we have chosen to surrender in, and we move on to take decisions and actions that will make things fall into place – given the uncontrolled events are fallen into place by way of surrendering. This reduces the pressure of trying to make things happen, and increases focus on the actual things that are in our control.

Sometimes, it may feel like, if we surrender we give away all our power. But that’s not true, the power comes from knowing that you have given due respect to the invisible hand (like nature, etc) and if they accept, they have chosen to help you. 

When people pray to God, it is not because God needs an ego boost. Think of him as a board member of a prominent company, if he/she is not in the loop – will there be any valuable insights or resources provided to the company? No, because the company did not ask for it and the board member has better things to do than enforce his/her whims on to the company. The same way, God, Universe, Mother Nature and all the Light forces will not interfere until you ask them to. They don’t even care if you believe in them or not, all they care about is to make sure they are not present where they are not needed. So even if you choose to surrender without knowing them or following them, it is okay.

The fact is, when you surrender, more than anything else it is your stress level that reduces because you have one less thing to worry about. The less you stress, the healthier the body and the mind with a better functioning capacity. 

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