It is said that Reiki only works for the highest good of all and a student of mine once asked “what is the highest good?” and “how does reiki know the highest good?”

Logically speaking, there are many ways one can define the highest good. The way I see, it is one that incorporates all the levels of – the body, mind, soul, mental, emotional and energy. We mainly use our conscious mind to make decisions, but the subconscious is far more aware and reasonable than the conscious. In the energy form, we tend to use the energy currently present with us (the one that is filtrated by the thoughts and the emotions we feel on daily basis) – rather than the highest form of energy. And on the soul level, we are not always in touch with our higher-self – that’s why we don’t always know the reason we face certain situations and how to respond to them in the best way possible. Because we don’t operate on holistic levels, how can we truly know what’s best for us? 

If something is painful, we know its unpleasant but that is a perception or a filter through which we operate. That painful incident may be teaching us something we need to learn in order to progress forth.

Therefore, when we say that Reiki works for the highest good – it means that the results will not be what your conscious mind wants, but instead something that will help you without hindering your spiritual progress. It is like getting the best deal on what you desire. 

The highest good can also be viewed as an inter-co-relatedness of all the beings in the world – not just humans – but all. Sometimes the desires we express and the reasons we pray may have certain spillover effects on others of which we may not be aware. When Reiki is involved, all these background happenings get taken care of automatically. These background things are also sometimes the reason why we don’t get things or situations to be the way we want, mainly because their energies block it for their good. Reiki manifests the outcome when the energy levels of all things are collaborating and making things fall into place.

It’s no coincidence that when Reiki doesn’t permit certain outcomes, it is mainly because the outcome doesn’t contain the highest good of all.

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