This has been a lingering concept over a long period of time for me. It is a concept that has been written about quite a bit. Some stand for it and some don’t. 

The concept applied in a simple example would be: swimming with the flow, in the natural direction of the river. Seems quite simple. Why would anyone swim in the opposite direction if they could just use the flow and slowly move ashore? – the obvious assumption is that one wants to be ashore after the swim. What if the destination of the person is on the opposite side of the flow – you just walk on land then.

Now, think of this instance in life. Sometimes we want to achieve a certain outcome, but the odds aren’t in our favor. Should we still strive for it? Many would say yes. And then, there is glory to “She rose up against the odds!”. Do people really rise up against the odds? 

Yesterday, I wrote about surrendering and how there are forces beyond our control – like nature. If you are not meant to achieve something, there may be an external factor that destroys all your hard work. If you are meant to achieve something, and things are not working out – the moment you let go, things just work out. You may meet someone who can connect you, or you may come across a previous effort that unexpectedly worked out without your knowledge. 

Many people would say, there is no such thing as “not meant to be” because we write our own stories. Sure, but think about the costs attached. Sometimes people do achieve things they weren’t meant to – is it always by Divine Mercy? No. By the time they achieve what they want, they lose out on a lot of precious things. And if you achieve it by Divine Mercy, then nothing like it – good on you! 

So the path of least resistance is that you keep living day to day, do your part and if it works, it works. If it doesn’t work and you face challenges that make your body stiff for over a week despite having ways to solve the issues, then it is time to change the routine to fit the flow. The flow is never obvious, but it is surely subtle. And if you take time out every day to review your life, you can definitely feel it in the sound of your breath and energy in the body. 

What happens if you don’t follow the flow? 

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