Each person must go through their fair share of changes in life. Some changes are definitive, with a direction and a pathway. Some changes, however, are not so definitive. To us, their endings seem unwritten and a pathway needs to be made. 

We worry we overthink, we may cry. We think we have done all that we can to make the situation work in our favor, and yet sometimes… nothing seems to work! In such moments, patience really becomes a virtue very few possess. 

I have to live till I die, so I might as well strive and go with the flow.

And those who have habits – preferably good – and patience are generally those who see through certain difficult situations calmly. Those who don’t, often have a harder time. In moments like these where there is uncertainty and no path of how things will work out, I think to myself “The universe got me so far and I have to live till I die. So if I keep doing my daily chores and do one new additional thing every day, maybe the universe will guide me to something. And if it doesn’t now, it has to eventually! I’ve got my whole life for things to work out. Sure, I have goals I would like to achieve, but if they are meant to be – they will be.” And I leave it at that. The answer doesn’t come immediately. The path doesn’t appear magically. But I do re-gain my peace of mind. I have to live till I die, so I might as well strive and go with the flow. 

The universe often tells me, why do you want to know the way? Just ask for what you want, and let us work the way out and when it’s done, you will have your goal. It has worked every time in the past. So just close your eyes and ask as if you know for a fact that you will get it. 

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