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I started my journey with Reiki in 2012 when a lot of things in my life were falling out of place. Only now that I look back I realise they fell out for better things to fall into place. I would always feel bitter to the year 2012 and now all I feel is gratitude. Through our bad times, we often curse the circumstances, people, things and the divine. I did too. Not to mention that I was an atheist, so blaming God was not an option given that I didn’t accept his existence. Even today when someone asks me about God, I am not sure what to reply. I am definitely not a religious person for I believe that religion comes with certain restrictions and dogmas. However, I am not an atheist either. I have seen Divine Mercy and I cannot deny it because as things panned out, there is no way I could have done it by myself – that too in the mental state I was in at that point of time. 2012 was my lowest of lows. 

Only now that I look back I realise they fell out for better things  to fall into place.

At this point in time, I do not wish to dwell on 2012, but instead, share my journey. Share the things I have learned, and I have witnessed and the messages I receive from time to time. Each person has a truth and that truth doesn’t have to be the same as mine. Maybe you will never encounter the things I have and maybe you will encounter greater things than I have. Maybe you will connect to what I share, maybe you won’t. I respect those difference, and I pray that you have at least one interaction with the world of divinity. They are definitely the wisest and most loving beings with whom I have ever interacted.

I would also be happy to hear from you about your journeys. There is something beautiful about the paths that brings one closer to the Divine – be it through Reiki, meditation or any other energy healing or divination tool.

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