In the healing world, we often talk about positive and negative energies. We believe in the principles of thermodynamics in physics – energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. The denser the energy particles the more likely it is to physically manifest, whereas the lower the density the less likely it is to be visible to us due to the humanly limitations. Given all of this information, we also believe in the Yin and Yang. 

The Yin is known to be the feminine manifestation of energy and the Yang is known as the masculine manifestation of energy – with the current blurriness of gender roles, I prefer saying that Yin is the “soothing” energies and Yang is the “aggressive” energies. Too much of Yin can result in depression. The soothing energies, if overdone can cause numbness and lack of motivation, unhappiness, fear, frustration. Too much of Yang can result in high levels of stress leading to major diseases known to us today. Yang is the materialistic side of the world, the ambitiousness, greed – a fine line between what is enough and what isn’t. When we move beyond wanting more than enough, it is our yang energies that are dominant.  

A balance of the Yin and Yang is crucial for a healthy mind and body. Depending on the soul’s life purpose, the soul will often choose to operate from a certain extreme – which manifests as certain traits we possess. However, it is not necessary that these traits should be enhanced to stay dominant, one can consciously understand the imbalances and try to balance them out. This way the soul purpose of choosing the extreme is achieved because the lessons are learned and that’s why the human manifestation of the soul is willing to create harmony by balancing out these two energies. Along the path of balancing, it accumulates other perspectives and lessons too. 

When the balance is created, it is not always going to be 50-50, it may even be 40-60 or 45-55 and that’s still okay. It is better than a 30-70. As long as there is an attempt to reduce the gap between the two extremes. They can be reduced through several ways such as meditation, Reiki, tai chi and other healing techniques it energy balancing techniques.  Even a small reduction in the gap of the extremes will always have spillover benefits for the people around the person. When the energies are balanced, our reactions and behavior tend to create peace with the people we interact with and they in turn subconsciously pick up on those energies. 

A person trying to balance the Yin and Yang will always see a shift in perspectives, health, relationships, and other areas and that’s when they know that their energies are actually balancing out. 

A balance of the Yin and Yang is crucial for a healthy mind and body.

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