There are often days where we face circumstances that stir up emotions within us – good and bad. The good, we celebrate and cherish. The bad, cloud our emotions where it is difficult to comprehend the probable implications of situations.

This too shall pass…

Most of the self-help books we refer are to help us overcome a certain uncomfortable feeling, and yet it is very rare that people are thankful for these feelings. It is these feelings that help us grow – stronger, mature, wiser, and yet they are the reason our willpower is exhausted at times.

Going through emotional hardships and uncomfortable feelings require a lot of willpower and purpose. Purpose drives willpower, if you don’t see a better future, would you strive hard for anything? Purpose also reduces the toll on willpower, imagine striving to survive a marathon knowing that you had participated in a sprint! The mind will play its games and if you see it through, it will be because of self-discipline. But self-discipline itself cannot govern willpower, eventually, it will collapse. Self-discipline is a muscle, not a skill. It needs to be relaxed just as much as exercise. 

I often meet people who lack purpose and they say they don’t know what they are living for and why they do the things they do. And that’s an okay place to be, there’s nothing wrong with not knowing why you were born and what your purpose should be. However, it is important to have an intention, a life statement or a goal – these give you purpose to stick through the storm of uncomfortable feelings. Looking at the bigger picture, we sometimes forget the importance of the smaller details. 

In Reiki when we start a session, we set an intention. This intention helps Reiki know what we want to focus on. The same way, have an intention or a statement that gives you a focus – in the lowest of lows, it is this statement that will guide you and be the purpose to your willpower. 

Uncomfortable feelings are the best to help you grow, but you can’t leverage them until you have a certain frame of mind. Sometimes people would much rather stay depressed than find a way to manage it because in their frame of mind they can’t see beyond it and a known enemy is better than the unknown – what if things can actually get worse for the current lowest of lows? 

Stay low while the tides are high.

One of my statements is, stay low while the tides are high and another is, this too shall pass. It helps me recognize that these are fleeting moments that won’t stay forever, and because they won’t stay maybe I can lay low by journalling or meditating by asking questions and then trying to answer them with the most patient and loving voice – that’s how I did it before I learned how to channel and do automated writing. 

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