I have seen many people who call themselves religious and look down on others who may be atheist, spiritual and even from different religions. That doesn’t make the religion wrong, it just means the individual’s perception and ego consider the individual to be far superior to those around the individual. I’ve also met spiritual people who believe in certain occurrences and will argue with those who have had different experiences. I’ve also met atheists and agnostics who will try to prove everyone stupid for having their faith. We all probably have met these people. 

But, we have probably also met people exactly opposite. The religious lady who doesn’t judge. The spiritual man who believes in living and just lets others live on their own terms. And of course, the agnostics and atheist who have no reason to be “doing good” from the fear or love of God, and yet they do it because their hearts are clean. This world is made up as many kinds as it needs to be – and yet each belief system is tried to be captured in a single essence. 

It is nothing and it everything. As long as it governs your life and doesn’t impose anything on anyone, that is spirituality.

There is nothing that can stop a religious person from experiencing a good deed passed on to him or her from an atheist! And there is nothing that can stop an atheist from experiencing the Universe. 

When I am asked what does it mean to be spiritual, I don’t know how to explain it. It is nothing and it everything. As long as it governs your life and doesn’t impose anything on anyone, that is spirituality. It is the understanding that one’s path shapes them as a person, and expecting someone to be shaped by our path is like expecting a goldfish to be a catfish just because they are kept in the same pond. 

Just because I am spiritual now, doesn’t mean I haven’t been atheist in the past. And it definitely doesn’t mean that I can’t believe in Gods. I may not choose to do rituals, but instead, interact with them the way I want. To be spiritual is not to be tied down by certain boundaries, its to create your own without imposing them on others. I love spirituality because it pushes each individual to connect to the Universe in their own capacity. The stronger the connection the more they feel. There’s no third person trying to make things happen. In close relationships, we frown upon having a third person interfering between the moments, so why do we not frown upon any third person interfering between our connection with the universe?

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