So, I’ve had a few people asking me “What’s happening in the world right now and why?”

And I have been thinking about it, meditating on it and asking the Divine Team a lot of questions. Here is what I understand about the situation…

Let’s compare Mother Earth to a human being. When a baby is born the developments they go through in the first 5 years will be the most rapid changes in their whole life. Then there is a slower growth period until puberty. When this child goes through puberty, a lot of changes occur – physically, mentally, and emotionally. The minute this young adult grows to hit 30 years – s/he will realize that the body can no longer tolerate the same behaviors it did in the younger days. S/he will notice that sleeping beyond a certain time (say 12am) affects the quality of sleep,  and waking up after 2pm or even 11am dehydrates the body and makes it feel extremely lethargic. However, these cycles were absolutely okay during adolescence. S/he may notice dietary habits from the past are not suitable for the present – eating a pizza at 9pm shows on the hips, whereas that never happened before.

Now think of Mother Earth going through this cycle. She has a longer life span than humans, but she does have her own growth chart where the variables are climate – instead of sleep, or pollution – instead of food. Each and every thing on Earth contributes to the health of the Earth. Behaviors, lifestyle choices, agricultural practices, hunting – each thing was being tolerated because of the “adolescence” period. The Earth no longer has the capacity to tolerate it. It’s a 30 year old human who wants to go to bed at 9pm and have a clean routine so it can feel better.

When the human body is exposed to foreign particle, the first thing the body will do is heat up – fever. A common fever is just the way your immunity is fighting off a particle it doesn’t recognize. Similarly, if the immune system is compromised, it can grow to develop allergies to particles that you may have been exposed to all your life. The Earth is currently on this path, she has been exposed to human toxins for a long time – and now her body is considering it an allergen. As the Earth heats up, we see it in climate change. As the Earth fights the allergen of human toxins, it shows up in different ways – like natural disasters (there have been many in the past 3 months) – and even the virus and other bacterias. It’s only natural for the Earth to dump whatever is not suiting her body.

So, this is what’s happening… you may ask why are random people getting affected – what if they are innocent?

Nothing is really random. Earth floating in the middle of space, on an invisible orbit around a ball of fire, with sufficient gravity to keep us grounded, and having the right conditions and criteria to have food and water – without any human intervention – I don’t think it’s random.

In the 2006 Tsunami, the Thai beaches were severely affected – it was holiday season and people flew from all over the world to be there – there were also those who missed their flights or cancelled last minute – was it really luck?

Having said that, yes, there are people losing lives and all we can really do about it is be thankful and pray for their souls. It’s hard to lose a loved one, but each one of us has to leave one day or another… And as this period is over, the inhabitants of Earth are expected to adhere to certain norms – and if the souls do not agree, or are not quite ready – they choose to leave for a journey more suitable for the soul’s growth – of course, this is not a conscious decision, it is the soul’s decision. And even if they have left, they will be accessible to us in spirit. They may even become part of our Divine Team.

It is absolutely important to remember to be thankful and to pray for them. Why thankful? Because the souls that have chosen to leave their bodies through this, they are helping Mother Earth cleanse herself by taking some of the negativity along with them. The more she is cleansed, the better choices humanity will be able to make. Pray, because the sheer amount of people passing away is so high that many of them may not even get a proper funeral or ceremony. Some may never even be remembered as an individual – just as one of the so many people who passed away. Each soul has its own purpose and until the purpose isn’t fulfilled, the life doesn’t end.

As humans, we tend to identify ourselves as the flesh and blood we have on earth – but we are far more than that. Far stronger, far more powerful, and far more connected to one an other than we can ever know. If you have already lost someone, grieve by all means – but also be thankful for having them be part of your life. It uplifts their soul. And know, that they are being taken care of because they are helping Mother Earth.

It is also important to note that in the past couple of centuries or so, the world has adopted and developed highly toxic lifestyles. Humans weren’t put on this Earth to work for 8- 14 hours a day and then indulge in unhealthy behaviors and relationships. There has got to be more to life than the way society has been set up. The whole routine of a human life (born – school – uni – work – retire – die) is soul crushing. And whatever is happening right now – it’s forcing people to face what’s deep within them. It’s forcing people to address the issues they’ve been running from. And the moment people address these issues, they will realize what they need to do for themselves. It may not be what society expects, but it will be what they must do for their lives to be fulfilling.

I hope you and I are able to realize and understand what we must do for ourselves. And I wish that we have the courage to follow it once things are stable.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Pray for the souls who lost their lives in this year – be it from natural disasters or from covid-19

2) Meditate and send healing to Mother Earth –  (Here are the meditations that can be done by anyone. There are 2 versions – the long version and the short version. Feel free to use what suits you)

3) Meditate and send healing to the world consciousness – to help other stay calm and have faith

Hope this helps, for queries regarding the meditations mentioned above – Message us or  Contact us!

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