I have written about various topics over the past few days. I miss writing about Reiki.

Lifeforce Energy

For those who don’t know what Reiki is, it “is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing”.  The word Reiki is two words put together, Rei and Ki. Rei is the universal wisdom – the one handling the works of nature and Ki is life force energy. Life force energy is what keeps all living beings alive. The most well-known providers of life force energy are water, air, sun, exercise, and food. The reason why we can’t eat rotten meats or vegetables is that the life force in them has dispersed – whereas fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats have a residue of life force energy which was present in them when they were alive – and when we eat them, we nourish our life force energies. But of course, there are debates about whether to eat meat or be vegetarian – which I will write about some other time. 

Reiki and Quantum Physics

Essentially, Reiki is one form of life force energy. When translated, it is “spiritually guided life force energy”. As per the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created it can only be transformed. This applies to various types of energies – Radio waves, electrical, etc. and such is the case for life force energy too. It can only be transformed from positive to negative and negative to positive. The higher the negative energy, the higher the chances of the person to fall sick. Via Reiki, we aim to address the energy block and negative energies in our bodies, emotions, mind, and soul. 

Reiki, Holistic Health and Healing

While it is well known as a stress reduction technique, it is a lot more than that. It has been known to be beneficial for all kinds of illnesses, injuries, ailments, and diseases. It works holistically on all four levels – mind, body, emotions, and soul. 

It is administered by a practitioner who has received training, and attunements for channeling the energies. Reiki works with the universal energies, so the practitioner is like a straw – one that channels it in and provides it to the client. Because the practitioners are a channel, they do not use their own energies nor do they absorb the energies of their clients. This way, only the purest form of positive energies can work on the client. 

While all Holistic healers work with life force energies, not all are Reiki practitioners. There are other forms of energy healing too. Most energy healing work occurs at a very high energy frequency which why it is not limited to space, time, distance either. The closest thing we humans feel to this high frequency is dreams – not limited to space, time or distance and yet it is not close enough. So you can only imagine the capabilities of Lifeforce energies and Reiki. 

What happens in a session?


In person, Reiki is administered by the laying of hands (refer to the photo above). The hands do not touch the body of the client. The hands are generally placed 1 -2 inches above the body (and in auric healing, approximately 10 inches above), they have a movement which covers the whole body with over a period of an hour. Distantly, a similar process is done without the person actually being there – just their name, date of birth or photo is sufficient.

To experience these wonderful energies or have a quick uplift session you can book your appointment for distance healing or if you stay in Vientiane, Laos – you can book an in-person session with me.


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