When I sat to write this article, I wasn’t sure about what the topic would be. So, I decided to channel the topic along with the perspective below. 

Channeled Message

Normally when things are going fine people go about their daily chores with not much mindfulness. Even when they pray, it is not always a prayer from the heart. it is more like a chore – this word is too harsh, but it’s almost obligatory. It is in the lowest of lows that people truly reach out to the divine. It is when they feel all the doors around them have closed and they feel trapped that they pray from the heart for a miracle. And often times they do get a way out if not a full-fledged miracle. 

Sometimes people will see miracles happen on daily basis and yet not recognize it. The human ego is such that it wishes to believe that it is the most powerful. One that can control everything – and when that happens – there will almost always be an ego downfall. Even then people don’t understand, they keep repeating the patterns. Going around making the same decisions they would before, and that’s when the cycle of struggle and success occur. 

If you’re in sync with the life force, life is a path of least resistance. Flow where it takes you, the minute you decide to negate that flow, things start falling apart. This doesn’t mean that one should give up the effort and hard work one puts to get certain things in life. It just means: if effort and hard work are put in the right places, the results come through faster. 

When people tune to Reiki its not always because they are drawn to it instinctively – there are certain cases of course. But the trends often show, it is the helpless people who are looking for solutions – they are the ones that come to Reiki. They are so desperate for things to happen that they commit to their practice and wait for the results. And that is the kind of dedication one needs in order to be in synch with the universe. 

A lot of times people will look down on Reiki and other energy healing methods because they cannot understand the logic and the science behind it, and it is quite a few of these people that learn reiki when they are helpless. And then the logic makes sense to them.

A lot of the science we currently have on Earth is not highly evolved to understand the complexity of logic behind energy healing. It has definitely started to scratch the surface. There are a lot of authors who have written about energy healing i.e. Diana Cooper, Barbara Brennan, Robert Schwartz… and all of them are true but still only at the surface. This area is so vast that it is unimaginable to the human mind. 

In the human mind if there is ‘XYZ’ information which is right, then ‘ABC’ information must be wrong – these certain logic process thinking like deduction is not applicable to the world of energy healing. This is something not every healer will understand either. Its always better to leave each to their own healing modality, because if everything was put together the human nature is such that it may be used for destruction rather than peace. And even though people turn to Reiki to bring calmness to their life, they often forget those reasons once they get the outcome. And then there are cycles of doing Reiki and not doing reiki too. There are very few people who practice Reiki with pure intentions – just like any other healing modality. The good thing is that the more they practice, the more they are purified.

End of Channeling

According to my experience, I do relate to this perspective. I have seen that most of the people I work with are unhappy with conventional solutions and that’s why they seek alternatives like Reiki. It’s usually the desperation of finding a solution that makes people dedicated practitioners and when they see results – they become believers. 

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