When I sat to write this article I wasn’t sure why this topic was chosen for me to channel, but once I finished channeling it occurred to me that faith is not only important in physical healing but in all circumstances. And sometimes faith is the biggest source of healing. 

Channeled from Mother Kwan Yin 

When healing occurs it is not a single moment in history that you can pinpoint where it occurred. Because healing is about taking small steps. The small steps add on to each other like a building, or like a bridge that connects the body to harmony, and that is when healing occurs. 

Healing is not a physical surgery where once it is complete the results are visible, but instead, it is a certain pathway that can make the impossible possible and yet not visible to the naked eye. 

Praying is similar when people turn to Gods for healing, wealth, mercy – they expect a visible result. But praying like healing cannot always be seen with the naked eye. It takes time, it takes patience and it takes faith. 

Why faith is important to praying or healing is because faith eradicates worry. When worry is prominent, it blocks the universe from working in certain ways on your behalf. But when faith is present worry cannot interfere with the process of healing and prayer. Many would say faith is dangerous, and having blind faith is insane. Take your time to judge what you want to have faith in, but once you have faith – it’s got to be blind. If you could see what you have faith in, would it really be called faith?

Besides, does it make sense to seek help in form of prayer and healing and then not have enough faith to see it unfold? It doesn’t take much to vow faith on to something, but it takes all one has to live the faith. And faith is important. Even if it is as small as believing that there is a greater power out there, or as big as believing a God or a Universe that has planets floating in space between stars and comets – which also has space for us. Its all about perspective. It’s not important who you have faith in, whatever it is – it should be your belief. Until one doesn’t know what they believe in, how can they truly have faith?

When healing has occurred already and the faith is non-existent, healing can often be reversed. If one can’t believe that they have been healed, they re-create the memory of disease on cellular levels. Sure enough, the healing has occurred – may be over days or months, and with lack of faith, it will reverse in a similar amount of time. Sometimes the mind is so afraid to heal because the perks of victimhood disappear with a healthy body.

It is then that faith is important to help the mind remember the perks of a healthy body out-do the perks of victimhood any day. 

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