The White Light Meditation is a simple color based visualization technique which is great for relaxation, healing and even protection from unwanted energies. It is a simple and short method to unwind and even re-energize – although these two outcomes are poles apart, they’re both possible!

I always say, your meditation outcome depends on the intention set by you. So before you do this meditation, know what you want and express that to yourself “I intend to relax through this meditation” or “I intend to re-energize through this meditation”. If your intention is healing, you can even express the exact body part that requires the healing, and if you are consistent with this meditation – you will most likely see the results in your healing.

While doing this meditation, please be seated upright or lie down on your back – the important part is to have your back straight… other than that, just relax and enjoy!

Link to meditation 

If you have any further questions or would like to share your experience, feel free to message me!

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