When I first completed my Reiki Master-Teacher training, I was extremely content at how much I have learned and how far along I had come in my practice. It was after 5 months that I felt an itch that I need to learn more. My teacher (at that time) had not pursued Reiki beyond the Usui system (the traditional and most popular one – also the prerequisite to the 1500+ Reiki types available today). In fact, I didn’t even know that there were other forms of Reiki – what I knew was that I’m not done. I need to learn more. It is then I heard about other forms Reiki.

Initially, I thought it was just money-making schemes because what do you do with people who have learned the Usui system – they are all potential clients. The rest of the people who won’t try Reiki are not even targeted as potential students. So I just let it be. 

Four years later when I took my first client as a Reiki practitioner, I got an intuition to try out a new form of Reiki and then make my opinions about it. It sounded fair enough, and then I went searching for a new teacher online. A lot of questions ran through my head – how do I know whether I am being cheated? What if it’s a scam? Will I find someone who will have the answers to my questions? What if my next teacher is not half as good as my last teacher? 

I ended up searching for a teacher from the Reiki Rays directory, I reached out to a teacher whose articles I loved! Unfortunately, she was very cold while replying and I was put off. I realized if I can’t connect to a person who writes these wonderful articles I cherished – does it really matter who my teacher is? I went on the directory again and chose my current teacher who lived comparatively closer and was okay to have in-person classes. I did not expect anything out of her except the attunements and the technique. Its been over two years now and I feel genuinely connected to her and I can’t be grateful enough to the lady who replied coldly. Because the universe has its way of working, which is well beyond me. 

Today, I have my clients and my students, and I often wonder what brought them to me. And this is the topic I was guided to write about and channel. 

Channeled Message

Today we mention the topic teachers because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. People think there are good teachers and bad teachers, however, it is not so. Firstly, each person is a teacher. The role and the characters they play and use to interact with other beings is in itself a form of teaching – they trigger certain reactions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They don’t do it intentionally with the objective to teach – but the teaching occurs at subtle levels. It is then up to the individual to act upon those interactions – either by choosing to let the interaction affect the way one thinks and lives or not. Those choices can be conscious, subconscious, or unconscious – it depends on the mindfulness of the person. 

These are people you meet in daily life, now coming to spiritual teachers – there are so many healing and connecting methods available to the beings of Earth today – even more than a few years back. There’s always a hesitation that we notice people have towards choosing spiritual teachers. There are certain deciding factors too – may be price, location, connections etc. 

And then there are fears of meeting spiritual scammers. Spiritual scamming is a real thing. It is not uncommon, there is also something else which is asked often “does my teacher have such and such qualities?” or “Is my teachers vegetarian?” and many questions along this line. Some people look for perfection in their teachers. Some look for friends. Often times there are thoughts like “how can this person even be a teacher? They don’t have anything figured out themselves? How will they guide others if their own life is so fake/ ego-filled/ messed up etc?” It is needed to be known is that spiritual teachers come at all levels. 

What level are you at? If you are at a higher level, you will be guided to a teacher who can guide you at that level. If you are just starting out on your spiritual journey, having a high-level teacher is good – but would you be able to absorb everything they have to offer? Won’t you feel overwhelmed that you will never be good enough or even half as knowledgeable as them? When you start with a teacher who is still also working their way up, you see the struggles – if the teacher is doing the work – you will learn commitment. You will have a teacher advancing and growing with you. It is not uncommon to have a student that grows at a faster pace than the teacher – but that is okay too because the teacher is the gateway to spirituality and the other teachers within it. There is no shame for teachers to let their students advance through other teachers – there is, however, an ego. 

There are teachers who will let ego in the way, but that too is learning – for both – the teacher and the student. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that all the teachers are bound to earthly feelings, emotions, body, and mental states – there are enlightened exceptions, but they don’t teach students who are not ready. Your effort, commitment, level of vibrations, karma – all these and more decide your teacher. And most will have more than one teacher. It is important. Sometimes, the feeling arises – how do I know this is the best teacher for me? And the answer is whatever you choose is whatever will be. There are universal signs, there is certain pull you feel towards the teacher – ask and it will be shown. The right teacher will come at the right time, just when you are ready. And if you are still scared of being with the wrong teacher – pay attention to how the teacher answers the questions you ask. If you feel content with the answer, that is where you should be. As for spiritual scammers, ask questions – that will lead to certain signs, and of course emotions – if a teacher doesn’t inspire you or show you a path which you can follow or constantly makes you feel low – you should know they aren’t the ones. Sometimes the masks are so strong, they are not caught hold of easily, and that’s okay. Because the masks don’t always last.

Eventually, the truth will be out and you would have learned something. 


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  • Exactly why I wrote this article: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/4996632/posts/2194473019
    I really appreciate reading what you wrote here. I feel so much relief finally honoring what I have struggled with for years! I needed to move on. I even left for two years! Went back and felt the sting of the teacher. I don’t ever wish her ill will. I have done a lot of study over the years trying to figure out how to be in fellowship with people knowing that some people are not receptive to us. Giving them respect and space for which they give obvious clues. It is when disrespect comes into play that I move on. Thank you for this post. It has helped me understand more of what I am searching for to feel settled with my decision to move on. Grieving is always going to take time.

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