When we learn Reiki, we are always taught about intentions. No Reiki session can begin without an intention stated. Today, I channeled in why intentions are important. 

Channeled from Mother Kwan Yin

Energy flows through everything and it can be positively or negatively charged. In the world of duality, even the purest of energies can transform into the darkest through various means. One of those means is intentions. In Reiki, intentions are set to let the energy know where to focus and what level of vibration it must acquire to heal a certain issue. The intentions also make sure that Reiki is flowing for a reason, not like deserted open tap of water. Intentions also create certain respect for Reiki. When one sets the intention for Reiki, the intention is normally something one would struggle with and when Reiki works on it, there is gratitude and respect because the cause would not be attended to if not for Reiki. 

Just like Reiki, intentions create a focus for other energy work too. When intentions are set for the day, the universe knows what you are striving towards and can help you or guide you through a suitable path. When Intentions are not of pure thoughts and contain harm for self or others, the energies vibrate at a denser frequency level. In Reiki intentions that are not for the highest good of all, do not work. The system of Reiki is such that when one uses it to harm themselves or others, the result will not occur and it will also reduce the person capacity to channel. The universe decides how many times an intention of harm will be tolerated. 

This is also why we teach in Reiki to always mention “for the highest good of all” even if one is intending for oneself.

This way things work out in a way that is for the highest good, getting the practitioner what they want and yet ensuring that no one in the process has to face any unpleasant circumstances. 

Often time people ask, “if Reiki is so intelligent why can’t it know where to focus without having to set an intention?” and it is simple, no positive energy will ever interfere and choose on your behalf – you will always have to call for it. It is the negative energies that will barge in. For example, in our minds, worry comes to us easily but to be calm and loving amidst certain circumstances is difficult. It’s not impossible, it is what you cultivate. The worry will barge in because it has a lower frequency, whereas calmness and love have high frequencies and need to be cultivated or called upon. 

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