I am often asked why I frown upon on weed and other drug usages, especially because it is so prominently shown in the habits of the Hindu God “Shiva”.  I will not discuss the existence or the non-existence of Lord Shiva in this post, however, the fact that people associate weed to him in order to justify their use is something that concerns me.  

I wouldn’t always have an answer to why I frowned upon drug use, other than the scientific facts and the consequences I have seen people around me experience. 

Then a few of my friends used Lord Shiva to justify it. Yet, to me, it somehow felt inherently wrong. I felt that something in the puzzle was not being shown clearly. I had this conversation with my Reiki teacher a couple years back and she mentioned a profound detail which people conveniently forget – Shiv, the God – is no human, he is God and he possessed the kind of command over earthly things that they would only serve him the way he wanted. While this simple detail is well known, it is conveniently forgotten to justify certain habits and beliefs. 

Now, a couple of years after this conversation I had with her, I feel I need to know more and I’m going to find out by channeling it. 

Channeled Message

Any substance that you cannot control, controls you. It is not just about what you eat but what you experience also. Life in itself controls you by the experiences that you go through – this is the perspective from a human front. If you were to look from the soul front – you are in charge because you have decided what experiences you want the human body to go through on your behalf. Drugs can also be something chosen at a soul level to experience certain feelings, certain consequences, and certain life patterns. 

When you look from my eyes, nothing is bad or good – that is the duality of life that makes you think in terms of good and bad. When you look from the human form, drugs are labeled bad because of altered mind processes which hinder the experience you are meant to have with a sober mind. A sober mind connects to the divine more purely than an altered mind. The reason being is that a sober mind tends to be more alert about the different energies. If trained correctly it can filter out the ones that don’t lead it to the divine. The superficially altered mind is not trained enough to understand the divine. 

The superficially altered mind will see more, hear more and know more – but will not be able to differentiate the realms, the truth from hallucination, and the source of guidance. The reason we call it superficially altered mind is because the changes that occur in the brain due to those substances can actually be created through mental training. Mental training has longer lasting capacity for the state of mind, which is not visible with drugs. The state of mind they create are fleeting and require a pattern of behavior – or habit – to induce those state of minds. Whereas mental training creates the state of mind – not in one go, but over time and it is more sustainable. 

The problem is that mental training requires effort, dedication, and commitment, and the humans want a quick easy and fast solution to everything. They want the mental state but not the benefits of the mental state – the connection to the divine. They think they get the benefit because they enjoy those feelings and the numbness to their reality. 

So essentially, we cannot term the whole thing as drugs are bad – because they can be processed for better use. It is the intention that counts. If the intent is to abuse, then the abuse happens. Drugs do change and alter the brain per use – but so does everything else. And no matter what it cannot cut you off completely from the divine – because if the divine connection is cut, you can no longer live. The divine can only be hidden by certain actions – such as drug use. It stays hidden till you take steps towards it and ask for help. Help is always available, not everyone is ready to ask for it or receive it. 


The Channeled message gave me perspective and a deeper understanding, but I wouldn’t go telling people this unless they ask for it. The next time if someone justifies the use of weed using the Shiva explanation, I’m hoping to remember this. Not that it will change their mind, but to help me remember that no amount of justification can make it seem that it leads to the path of divine and that I must have empathy – for all I know it is a decision taken at a soul level and I mustn’t interfere unless I am asked for help. 

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