The reason I do what I do is simple. I pursue Reiki because it makes my life purposeful. I love to enable people to help themselves. It is a small contribution of mine to the world. While Reiki can be used for everything and anything, these are the following areas I have worked with previously and you can contact me for them. For anything beyond the scope mentioned below, I’d be open to exploring it with you 🙂

 Alternate healing for Ailments:

Illnesses are often caused by various factors such as karmic patterns, thought process, lifestyle choices, and life lessons. Many of the clients who come to me are those whom conventional medicine couldn’t help beyond a point (cancer, non-cancerous but painful tumors, SLE, eye problems, allergies, PCOD, deviated septums, food intolerance). I’ve also worked with less complicated health issues (fevers, injuries). I’ve noticed certain patterns that occur with each disease. Often times if these patterns are worked upon, the disease dissolves.

Self-healing, Discovery, and Connection to the Universe:

This includes teaching and guiding people to find their healing path. Many times my students are my clients who’ve seen Reiki help them through their lowest points. There is always a trust factor that is important, “if you don’t see the difference how can you believe it?”

Be assured that my students who haven’t been my clients before are quite in awe of the Reiki attunement once it occurs. The attunement is always stronger than a single healing session – and thereby the trust is established.

Manifestations and Relationship Healing:

We all have that one thing we really want in our lives and we try several ways to achieve it. Reiki is very effective in manifesting the want into reality. In my personal experience, I would say it is 85-90% successful. The only time I have seen it not work is when the highest good of the client was in another option. And that too is revealed much later.

As for relationship healing, we all have a few handful people who trigger the worst in us – either anger, anxiety, hurt or sadness. Sometimes we wish we could either get rid of them completely or just be able to be cordial and let go of those emotions. Reiki enables that very efficiently – it subtly works on the relationship revealing the causes, allowing forgiveness and promoting healing to a point where the relationship either heals or ends – for the highest good of all.