If you are not guided to learn Reiki or another form of healing and yet wish to experience it or use it to help you with certain areas of your life, you can opt for our healing session.

We offer:

  • In-Person Sessions (In Vientiane, Laos [Lao PDR])
  • Distance Healing Sessions

We often combine various modalities to ensure that you have the unique blend that best fits your purpose. We also offer a free consultation where we develop a roadmap to your desired outcome.

In-Person Sessions take place either in our healing space or any location in our current city where you are comfortable.

Distance Healing Sessions (DHS) are administered distantly, generally when my clients are asleep – this way we ensure that healing is being sent while the client is resting  – for better receptivity and absorption.

For a quick lift me up session, I recommend in-person sessions.
For particular long term goals, I recommend DHS.

While these recommendations are not universal, as we work together towards your healing, you will understand why I recommend it this way.

To book your healing appointments, you can book a session at the bottom of this page or on facebook now.

If you have any concerns about DHS, here is a list of benefits and outcomes of DHS.


  • Same benefits as in-person reiki session i.e. work on all four levels – mental, spiritual, emotional, physical.
  • Can be received while sleeping
  • No need to travel or set time aside


  • Intentions are worked upon and results depend as per the readiness of the client to heal (in-depth outcome may be given during consultation)

If you have any concerns about how distance healing works, please contact me.