Often times we wish for certain things to be part of our reality but we don’t know how to make it happen. Sometimes we know its possible but we have no way to get it and sometimes we know its impossible because there’s no hope.

Reiki enables you to ask for what you want in your life and if it’s for your highest good, it will be granted. To know more about your highest good, click here. Essentially, there will be no side effects to the manifestation.


You get what you want for your highest good.

To start your manifestations, contact me here or on facebook now.
Minimum time for manifestation 21 days, priced at $5 per day. Outcomes are not guaranteed and purely depend on your soul’s path. Therefore, I suggest consulting first about whether it is worth manifesting what you want.

Please do not contact me for any manifestations that are not yours, or that impact others negatively.