The Energy Perspective to Diseases

Behind every sickness, there are causes – not just diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, but also thoughts, feelings, emotions, and environments. While growing up whenever I would fall ill, my father would be quick to point out my dietary and exercising habits – and I would just hate it. I would hate it because I knew they weren’t the cause, I knew there was something more to it but I couldn’t pin-point it at that time. Now, of course, things are different. 

Over my course of being a Reiki practitioner and healing myself, I’ve also had several clients – and with each one there are distinctive patterns – karmic, environmental, thoughts, lifestyle choices, and it’s always a combination of these things. Science explains the physical aspects of diseases very well, along with the impact of stress, dietary and lifestyle choices. However when we look at diseases from an energy perspective we can see a very different picture, and these two pictures together form a holistic image of the issues. 

We, humans, are filled with life force energy which we constantly replenish through food, water, sun, exercise, breath, and energy work. As life force energy ceases within us, we die. So, we can say this energy is what keeps us living and it has to be strong to do so. Therefore, there are many layers of this energy that surround our physical body externally and also have a stronghold internally. The external layers are known as the aura. When the aura is how our energy interacts with other people’s and thing’s energy. Whenever a disease occurs on an energetic level, it must start at the auric level. Think of little germs stuck on the outer most layer of bubbles surrounding you, they slowly eat their way through each bubble to get to you. Once they create a successful hole in your outer layer, they give easy access to other germs to get right through. Diseases work similarly, that’s why it is very important to shield, ground and clear the aura. While we spoke about germs, diseases are always germs – they could be in any form i.e. thoughts, conversations.

Think of everything you experience in a day as a seed. The seed will only grow as much as it is being provided with water, soil, sun. Then it is up to you – what do you do with the experiences and thoughts you have in a day? An illness like cancer can take up to 2 years to go from the auric level to the physical level, but again it depends on how the seed was being provided. Each part of the body is associated with certain emotions, feelings, and beliefs, the disease relating to a particular thought will always manifest itself in the associated body part. If a certain area of the body hurts, the first thing to do is understand what beliefs and emotions it is related to; and check whether they relate to you. Along with this principle is the karmic principle. If the disease is karmically related, then the thoughts and beliefs will also be karmically related. At the auric level the karmic object will be attached. This is just the simplified way of looking at diseases through an energy perspective. 

Each part of the body is associated with certain emotions, feelings, and beliefs, the disease relating to a particular thought will always manifest itself in the associated body part(s).


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