What is Violet Flame Meditation?

The color Violet – a shade of purple is strongly associated with healing and transmutation of energy. It helps to convert negative energy into positive energy. In color therapy, it is known to be a cooling color that signifies knowledge and higher consciousness.
When we look at a purple picture, we tend to feel more relaxed and introspective rather than worked up and hyper. In the Violet flame meditation, we use this color to help us shift from negative to positive – it can be the mind, thoughts, feelings, or even energies.
The flame is the element of fire. As we know, fire is used to purify things. We use the heat of the fire to purify our food. Similarly, when we use the element fire, we purify our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and energies. Its nature provided element and we use it in our daily lives, so why not in our meditation?
Together, the Violet Flame or the purple fire is when we combine the color purple and the natural element fire for their properties and we incorporate them in our meditation to achieve results that we are working towards. It can be used for all areas of life – health, wealth, peace, prosperity etc.
The Violet Flame has decrees – which are chants, and visualization methods along with a routine which is followed over a period of time.
To learn more and use these techniques, register with us for our upcoming Violet Flame Meditation.
No prerequisites.
Only 21-day commitment of 20 minutes per day at your own home.

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