Is there any scientific proof that Reiki works?

I was recently asked this on Quora, and it was interesting. I have seen several “proofs” of Reiki working, but I never cared to learn whether there was scientific proof. Who need’s proof when the information is first hand? – At least, I don’t.

So anyway, I started researching. And guess what I found!

  1. Reiki Is Better Than Placebo and Has Broad Potential as a Complementary Health Therapy

It’s great to see Reiki being recognized by these well-known entities – UCLA and US National Library of Medicine and Natural Health!

But of course, that doesn’t mean that Reiki should only be limited to the sick. It can be used by everyone and anyone. It is also great to prevent diseases!

If you haven’t tried it out, I strongly recommend you to try it out before creating any opinions about it – be it positive or negative!

And if you feel guided to book a session with me, please do!

You can also refer to the original Quora answer!



What is Violet Flame Meditation?

The color Violet – a shade of purple is strongly associated with healing and transmutation of energy. It helps to convert negative energy into positive energy. In color therapy, it is known to be a cooling color that signifies knowledge and higher consciousness.
When we look at a purple picture, we tend to feel more relaxed and introspective rather than worked up and hyper. In the Violet flame meditation, we use this color to help us shift from negative to positive – it can be the mind, thoughts, feelings, or even energies.
The flame is the element of fire. As we know, fire is used to purify things. We use the heat of the fire to purify our food. Similarly, when we use the element fire, we purify our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and energies. Its nature provided element and we use it in our daily lives, so why not in our meditation?
Together, the Violet Flame or the purple fire is when we combine the color purple and the natural element fire for their properties and we incorporate them in our meditation to achieve results that we are working towards. It can be used for all areas of life – health, wealth, peace, prosperity etc.
The Violet Flame has decrees – which are chants, and visualization methods along with a routine which is followed over a period of time.
To learn more and use these techniques, register with us for our upcoming Violet Flame Meditation.
No prerequisites.
Only 21-day commitment of 20 minutes per day at your own home.

Holistic Health and Energy Healing

Holistic Health is an approach to improving health with the balance of mind, body, emotions and soul. We are often taught about the factors of healthy living as eating right, exercising enough, getting proper rest and drinking good amounts of water. Many theories forget that health is also impacted by our thoughts, feelings, karmas, life lessons and perceptions. 

When we approach health holistically, we analyze all the factors – not just the tangible factors (like diet) but also the intangible (emotions). The reason for this holistic approach is because when we fall ill, we try to treat the symptoms by medicines but we never ask why are the symptoms occurring? Is it because our immunity is weak? If so, why is the immunity weak? All these questions are important to prevent illnesses. I do not claim that its possible to avoid sickness all your life, but I do believe that trying to prevent sicknesses will bring out certain factors that you need to work on. 

These factors are generally soul factors or energy factors. We as human beings take in breath, food, water, sun, exercise – these are our sources of energies. The first law of thermodynamics in physics states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed – only transformed from one to the other. The same way, our body receives these energies but it is up to our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and even the media we consume – to make it negative or positive. The more positive a person, the happier their life is. The more negative a person, the more prone they are to illness. Each negative thought that you have, has an associated part in the body where it gets stuck. If the negative energy is stuck in that body part for a long time, it will have physical symptoms. Cancer sometimes takes more or less two years to progress from a thought to a physical problem. 

beautiful-beauty-blond-hair-1882004It is not always possible to keep the thoughts positive, that’s why meditation is so important. There are six broad categories of meditations – sound healing, movement meditation (yoga, tai chi), mindfulness (Vipassana), Reiki (energy healing), guided meditation, mantra meditation (OM). 

I have always been fond of Reiki, it is a form of energy healing. Energy healing is taking the energy from the universe and giving it to the intended person or yourself. This becomes one more source of human energy. The major difference is that whatever energy we get from the breath, sun, etc can be neutral, negative or positive and we have to convert it into positive for our benefit. But Reiki is already positive, so it is easier to absorb. In the US, approximately 800 hospitals offer Reiki to their patients. This is because Reiki is very soothing, relaxing and most importantly it helps the body to heal.

If you haven’t had a session of Reiki yet, I would suggest you try it – with me or with whichever practitioner you are comfortable with.

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Why Meditation? — Deile therapy centre

I absolutely loved this article about meditation and its benefits.

Meditation is the fastest way to raise your vibration, get in touch with your feelings and emotions and connect you more strongly with your God self. Benefits of Meditation Daily meditation brings in the healing light of God. This light penetrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields helping us dislodge stagnant blocked energy […]

via Why Meditation? — Deile therapy centre

There are six major ways of meditating:

  • Visualization
  • Movement Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Sound Healing
  • Guided Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation

No matter which one you choose to follow, they all have similar benefits of connecting you to yourself!

What is Reiki?

I have written about various topics over the past few days. I miss writing about Reiki.

Lifeforce Energy

For those who don’t know what Reiki is, it “is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing”.  The word Reiki is two words put together, Rei and Ki. Rei is the universal wisdom – the one handling the works of nature and Ki is life force energy. Life force energy is what keeps all living beings alive. The most well-known providers of life force energy are water, air, sun, exercise, and food. The reason why we can’t eat rotten meats or vegetables is that the life force in them has dispersed – whereas fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats have a residue of life force energy which was present in them when they were alive – and when we eat them, we nourish our life force energies. But of course, there are debates about whether to eat meat or be vegetarian – which I will write about some other time. 

Reiki and Quantum Physics

Essentially, Reiki is one form of life force energy. When translated, it is “spiritually guided life force energy”. As per the first law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created it can only be transformed. This applies to various types of energies – Radio waves, electrical, etc. and such is the case for life force energy too. It can only be transformed from positive to negative and negative to positive. The higher the negative energy, the higher the chances of the person to fall sick. Via Reiki, we aim to address the energy block and negative energies in our bodies, emotions, mind, and soul. 

Reiki, Holistic Health and Healing

While it is well known as a stress reduction technique, it is a lot more than that. It has been known to be beneficial for all kinds of illnesses, injuries, ailments, and diseases. It works holistically on all four levels – mind, body, emotions, and soul. 

It is administered by a practitioner who has received training, and attunements for channeling the energies. Reiki works with the universal energies, so the practitioner is like a straw – one that channels it in and provides it to the client. Because the practitioners are a channel, they do not use their own energies nor do they absorb the energies of their clients. This way, only the purest form of positive energies can work on the client. 

While all Holistic healers work with life force energies, not all are Reiki practitioners. There are other forms of energy healing too. Most energy healing work occurs at a very high energy frequency which why it is not limited to space, time, distance either. The closest thing we humans feel to this high frequency is dreams – not limited to space, time or distance and yet it is not close enough. So you can only imagine the capabilities of Lifeforce energies and Reiki. 

What happens in a session?


In person, Reiki is administered by the laying of hands (refer to the photo above). The hands do not touch the body of the client. The hands are generally placed 1 -2 inches above the body (and in auric healing, approximately 10 inches above), they have a movement which covers the whole body with over a period of an hour. Distantly, a similar process is done without the person actually being there – just their name, date of birth or photo is sufficient.

To experience these wonderful energies or have a quick uplift session you can book your appointment for distance healing or if you stay in Vientiane, Laos – you can book an in-person session with me.


Healing with the Mind (Part 2)


In my last post, I mentioned discipline as an important foundation to heal with the mind. I provided an exercise which I suggested should be done for a minimum of a week to notice the changes. 

Discipline, Thoughts, and Will-power

body-clouds-early-morning-823694The reason why discipline is important is that it allows you to exercise control over the mind. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Often times, if you make a schedule for one area of life, the rest of the things will automatically find their schedules around it. When that happens, it frees up your “decision making” part of the brain to do other things. This includes monitoring your thoughts and replacing the negative with the positive immediately. When one takes the effort to constantly monitor their thoughts, it directly affects the quality of choices one makes. A negative mindset will be afraid to try new things, whereas a positive mindset wouldn’t be as close to trying it out. 

If we choose to work from the thoughts -> feelings -> behavior -> perceptions -> lifestyle, it takes a longer time frame with uncertain results. So when we approach lifestyle -> thoughts, everything in between gets adjusted. The behaviors are taken care of by the lifestyle and the feelings and perceptions by thoughts. 

It is also important to know that habits are changed by immense will-power. And self-knowledge is the best to know how much you can change for yourself without being drained out of will-power. 

Exercises for after 1 week of the “discipline exercise”:

  1. Monitor your thoughts. Intervene and change the negative thoughts to positive immediately. Try this out for a week along with the discipline you have enforced into your life.
  2. After these exercises are completed, ask yourself to rate your will-power from a scale of 1-10. 10 being the highest. This will let you know whether you need to change a few things (such as deciding on what routine you want to discipline in your life). Whatever routine you choose, the will power should preferably not be less than 5. The lower the will power towards this exercise, the relatively harder it will be to keep up with the new lifestyle.

If you have chosen to opt for these exercises, I would love to hear from you! 

The Healing Mind

Did you know, the mind that can heal you is the same mind that got you sick in the first place? 

The only difference is the Mind frame! A positive mind frame will see you through health and happiness. A negative mind frame will land you with sickness and hopelessness. 

Why it doesn’t work: 

The mind that has been mastered will be disciplined to a point where it will not dare to nourish a negative thought. A slave to the mind will do nothing but nourish negativity.Those who know it to be true will still doubt it at times. I have always been asked if this was true, “why aren’t the healing outcomes as visible as the sickness?”. 

It’s easy to go to a doctor and be diagnosed with some form of a disease, but it is difficult to track down the exact time when a negative thought or feeling chose to be nourished by the mind for this outcome. It can take years for a negative thought to become a disease. It is not a one-off thought. It has been a thought years ago, which became a belief and then perception. This perception is a habit and a way of life. Now that it is a way of life, it is manifested as a disease. And as we all know, a thought can be changed easier than a way of life. This is why thinking positive for a few days won’t make a difference until you do it for years and allow it to become a belief, a perception, a habit and a way of life. 

We are sometimes so set in our ways, we find it comforting to be in it the way it is rather than to change it around and attract better things. 


Think of a landlord and a renter. A short-term renter will rarely spend money to do anything beyond fixing an existing problem to a point where it isn’t a problem. The landlord, on the other hand, will want to look into the depths of the problem (e.g. a water leakage) to ensure that the leakage is not affecting other areas. The landlord will take preventative measures so that in the future things are not out of hand. 

This is our minds too. The mind that has been mastered will be disciplined to a point where it will not dare to nourish a negative thought. A slave to the mind will do nothing but nourish negativity. 

How to make it work:

Start small and have realistic expectations. It would be easy for me to tell you to master the mind, but if you already are in a disease, you can’t master your mind in a day and bring yourself to health. One must start small.

Start taking measures of discipline by keeping one thing constant (i.e. sleep routine, food times, reading time, or even tv time). When we have one thing constant that has been set by us, it gives us the power to enforce it to the mind. When we change one thing, it has a spillover effect on many different things. Notice those things. 

Exercise 1:

Take control of 1 thing in your life to discipline your mind. Keep a journal of it and notice the changes over a week. 

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Making Decisions Aligned to the Soul

What makes a decision good? It is not uncommon to be confused while making decisions. In fact, many of us keep second-guessing whether we made the right choice after actually making the choice. 

The “fear of missing out” or “FOMO” culture is highly provoked by our social networking sites, it creates a mental pattern which then applies itself on to our real lives. Even though the outcome of our decision is just fine, sometimes it is difficult to not think about how the outcome would be with the other decision. 

Bad decisions are only bad if you intentionally make it in the hope of an outcome you know is not possible

In these cases, I often tell myself, if a decision is good it will lead you to a good outcome and if it is bad then it will lead you to learnings and better opportunities. Bad decisions are only bad if you intentionally make it in the hope of an outcome you know is not possible. 

Sometimes it is easy to make decisions based on functional needs – the benefits, the outcomes – the logical way. The emotional burden of the decision often comes when it is time to execute the decision. It is the blend of the emotional and functional that decide the suitability of a decision. For example, a highly functional decision may take a toll on the emotions, thereby reducing productivity because of emotional chaos. On the other hand, a highly emotionally charged decision may not have any functional benefits. 


It is extremely important to have a balanced view while taking decisions. One approach I love is to close my eyes, take a deep breath, think of the decision and do a quick body scan of feelings and energies. If any area in the body seems stiff, question it. The more in synch I am with my body regarding the decision, the likelier I am to be content with it. 

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How to Heal SLE and other Autoimmune Diseases

Case Study 

bathroom-beauty-salon-candlelight-3188I had a client whom western medicine had failed. It had been 3 years since she had quit her job because her autoimmune disease – Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), wouldn’t let her continue. There came a point where her medicines were not as effective anymore. Things were very bleak for her and they (her family) were desperate. They were referred to me by mutual connections. Her sister was the one to contact me and tell me how they just wanted the medicines to work. The client had been hospitalized and her dosage was increased but still, it wasn’t working out. Within a month and a half of Reiki, the medicines started working, the client was discharged from the hospital and she was able to go back to work. She went on to learn Reiki and use it in her daily life. 


In science, we say if a study can be replicated with the same results over and over again, the study is valid. Energy doesn’t work that way, because not everyone can have the recovery she did. And while not every person has the same healing time or journey, there is always an improvement from before the Reiki healings. If you have been failed by western medicine, or not, it doesn’t matter – what matters is how ready you are to heal! If you are ready now, your holistic healing can start now. 

If you are struggling with any health-related issues and require a holistic healing roadmap suitable for you message us! 

Energy Transference


Today, I came across this beautiful diagram explaining how energy transference occurs. And this is why it is so important to shield ourselves. 

So, what is energy transference? Each person has their own energy fields. Their personal life force energy. This is within the body and outside it too – often seen as the aura. Whatever we think, feel and emote has the power to modify the quality of the aura. 

As the first law of thermodynamics states, energy cannot be created nor destroyed – it can only be transformed. Our life force energy works on that principle too. It can only be transformed from positive to negative and vice versa. Higher amounts of localized stagnant negative energy will result in diseases and ailments, therefore it is always better to prevent taking in negative energy, and release or transmute the negative energy we have.

When we don’t shield we are open to exchanging energies with others, good and bad. We can take theirs in and give them ours. The exchange of positive energies is, of course good because they enhance the existing energies. Imagine the same happening with the negative energies – we would be miserable. 

A lot of times when we talk to people, we absorb their moods or we get drained, tired, or unhappy. It is because we have taken in their feelings, thoughts, emotions in the form of energy. This is the easiest way to see it, but there are also cases where you can just enter a room and intake the energies of the room or the people in the room. Any place with a traumatic history can also influence your energy field, as you take in the experience of the eerie place. It is not necessary that you have to meet someone to exchange energies with them – it can be through the phone, just being in the same area, or even via thoughts. 

Of course, it is impossible to always be mindful of how we are exchanging the energies – so it’s always better to ground (I prefer the tree method), and shield (imagine an invisible bubble around you that protects you, nothing other than your energies and energies for your highest good can enter it) 

While shielding sounds like an imaginary energy protector, I have seen it work in “physical” ways too. I personally don’t like to be exposed to second-hand smoke but in sometimes I end up in situations where I am. Whenever I shield with the intention to keep the smoke away, it works! Either there will come a fan, a breeze or the person will move away. It works wonders.