Energy Transference


Today, I came across this beautiful diagram explaining how energy transference occurs. And this is why it is so important to shield ourselves. 

So, what is energy transference? Each person has their own energy fields. Their personal life force energy. This is within the body and outside it too – often seen as the aura. Whatever we think, feel and emote has the power to modify the quality of the aura. 

As the first law of thermodynamics states, energy cannot be created nor destroyed – it can only be transformed. Our life force energy works on that principle too. It can only be transformed from positive to negative and vice versa. Higher amounts of localized stagnant negative energy will result in diseases and ailments, therefore it is always better to prevent taking in negative energy, and release or transmute the negative energy we have.

When we don’t shield we are open to exchanging energies with others, good and bad. We can take theirs in and give them ours. The exchange of positive energies is, of course good because they enhance the existing energies. Imagine the same happening with the negative energies – we would be miserable. 

A lot of times when we talk to people, we absorb their moods or we get drained, tired, or unhappy. It is because we have taken in their feelings, thoughts, emotions in the form of energy. This is the easiest way to see it, but there are also cases where you can just enter a room and intake the energies of the room or the people in the room. Any place with a traumatic history can also influence your energy field, as you take in the experience of the eerie place. It is not necessary that you have to meet someone to exchange energies with them – it can be through the phone, just being in the same area, or even via thoughts. 

Of course, it is impossible to always be mindful of how we are exchanging the energies – so it’s always better to ground (I prefer the tree method), and shield (imagine an invisible bubble around you that protects you, nothing other than your energies and energies for your highest good can enter it) 

While shielding sounds like an imaginary energy protector, I have seen it work in “physical” ways too. I personally don’t like to be exposed to second-hand smoke but in sometimes I end up in situations where I am. Whenever I shield with the intention to keep the smoke away, it works! Either there will come a fan, a breeze or the person will move away. It works wonders. 

Past lives and Reiki Healing


If you haven’t already read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, you really should! Before I read it 13 years ago, I would always be skeptical of people who told me it changed their lives. After I read the book, I didn’t see the changes, but I saw the fuss. 13 years down the line I say, it has changed my life.

It inspired me to be open to the world with a different lens and possibilities. And if you are inspired enough, you will make the changes. I did.

Past lives, whether you believe in the concept or think it is just a fragment of imagination, it still has the power to heal long term issues. You don’t have to believe in it for it to work, and that’s the beauty of it. I’m still not a past life hypnotherapist, as much as I would have loved to be, but that does not stop me from exploring it.

In the second level of Reiki, we learn that energy can move across time – the past, the present and the future – without limits. Many years after doing my Master Training, it occurred to me that if I could send energy back in time, why can’t I go back in time? This was confirmed by my teacher, ‘you can if you want to’. Of course, physically our energies are too low of a frequency and too dense to travel but our minds and souls are not as dense and they vibrate at a higher frequency too.

And so I tried. My intention was to heal my allergies which were getting worse over time. Within two sessions, the frequency of my reactions had reduced by 70%. It was only then I understood the true potential of healing past lives in combination with Reiki. It is a beautiful journey and I would recommend it for ailments without known causes.

And if you are inspired enough, you will make the changes.

Reiki on its own takes quite some time to work and show results. Past life healing is much faster, in general. When we combine the two, the client doesn’t need to be taken into a trance because Reiki will do that. The storyline is shown to both the practitioner and the client. The symbols used are consciously chosen by the client for effective healing. This way the client doesn’t doubt what he/she saw and the client doesn’t have to facilitate healing through conversation. The client does not even get caught in the emotions of the lifetime, unlike in certain past life regression therapy. It becomes a session of calm and peace rather than of emotional upheaval.

Life Lessons

At some point in life, each one of us will have the question ‘what is the purpose of life?’. We are born, we live and then we die. So, what is the purpose? Why should life be precious and important when we know we have to return to wherever it is we came from? Is there a guarantee we go where we came from? 

There are many questions one can ask, and there are many answers one can receive. Yet, they don’t always make sense. 

The way I see it, we are born to learn life lessons – which wouldn’t be possible if there were no life! These life lessons are essentially the moments or in some cases, periods of time where we are in situations we don’t understand fully. For example, depression – it is an emotional, mental and psychological situation we face which we can’t always explain. And when we work with it, manage it, and overcome it, we are much wiser. We don’t always understand the way difficult situations help us or benefit us, and that’s okay. The fact that we don’t give up in moments of difficulty is what helps us. These situations may not make us stronger, but they give us a perspective that we wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Some of these situations are quite traumatic and that’s where healing needs to occur. A simple reflection of the situation will help one see the silver lining. A simple prayer or affirmations said and repeated daily can help reduce the trauma. It is always about the person learning the lessons. When lessons are easily learned the events are also less traumatic. So it all depends on how open we are to learning things by experiencing them. 

I have come to see, the more one judges the same fate shall one meet until there is no more room for judgment. 


Emotions and Life Lessons

With the digital age, more conversations happen online than offline. The world has become small, sometimes the connections we have online seem real than the ones we have offline. The younger generation, or the generation z as we categorize them, is better at emoting in text than in-person conversations. ABC can have the most animated conversation with them on message but when ABC meets them, they seem lifeless. I wonder if its because they feel safer to emote behind a screen for privacy reasons. 

Whatever it is, each generation has a very different way of emoting their thoughts and feelings. And, that’s just about explicitly expressing them. Each one feels emotions internally very different. It is not necessary to have a high EQ to be highly emotional. There are people who do not have a high EQ but feel things very deeply. 

All these emotions that we have, are merely created by our perceptions of the cause. These perceptions are highly linked with the behaviors, characteristics and thought processes that we have. These three factors are also very closely linked with life lessons. So every emotion that we have is ultimately linked to our life lessons. Sometimes, difficult emotions are the ones to teach us the most. For example, grief teaches us compassion and empathy. Each emotion can teach us something. Some people are prone to certain emotions, like anger. Anger is an emotion if fed well, it will keep returning. When it is controlled in the heat of the moment, it will return with lesser intensity the next time. And if one has time to study why they are more prone to certain emotions, they will see what is one quality they are meant to ingrain. That one quality is part of one’s life lessons. 

Difficult emotions can be the ones to teach us the most

Acceptance of Self

There are many instances in life where we think “if I was so and so, I would have done extremely well”. Then there are other instances where we are given “advice” to try and be like someone else or try to ingrain certain qualities. More often than not, we even try! 

I knew a child who I was very fond of and my heart would shatter seeing how he behaved with his parents. When he tried hard to please them, they had better things to do than appreciate him and to let him know that no matter who he was, they would still love him unconditionally. When he saw his parents didn’t care, he would rebel to get attention. Sometimes he would throw tantrums – for legit reasons, and he got told off – not for his behavior but his characteristics. For example, “you are such a bad boy” or “you love to trouble people”. When we don’t separate behavior from characteristics, there is a process that occurs in a child’s heart – “I am the way I behave”. He was a good kid, unfortunately, he grew up to believe he was a bad person. 

Sure, it was his parents’ fault for ingraining these statements into his psyche but now, it’s up to him – whether he wishes to change that or not. 

When we try to be things we are not, we kill ourselves slowly. I would babysit this other child, who was always told to be like her older sibling – no matter what she did. How do you deal with those expectations? Why should you be someone else when you can be yourself? Is it because we want to be accepted?

Acceptance by the ones we love is sometimes so important to us, not only as kids but also, as adults. And sometimes acceptance makes us do things we aren’t happy, proud or even conscious about – it morphs us into something we aren’t. 

When we are not in our true essence, we are against the flow. And when we are against the flow, eventually we will be tired and live a tired life. 

So, how much acceptance is enough? 

Just oneself’s. 

The Path of Least Resistance 2

I left my last blog post with the question “What happens if you don’t follow the flow?” and today I wish to continue…

Many times it will just be a feeling of dissatisfaction – no matter what you do, you don’t feel good about it and nor does it make you happy. Sometimes it can be a lingering void in the stomach – anxiety. More often than not, things don’t work out for you. There are so many signs that the universe will send our way, but often we are so caught up in our own miseries that we fail to recognize these signs.

Until we don’t heed these signs we cannot live a balanced life, because we are constantly trying to fight for something that may not be meant for us. So, how do we identify these signs? Personally, I give everything a fair shot – if it works out, it was meant to be. If it doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll try once more – but never a third try unless things start working out without as much effort as I put in the first time. 

We can also consciously ask for these signs! Just talk to the Universe and tell it what you are up to, and if it’s not meant to be or if it’s not for your highest good, let it be. But if it is for your highest good, make it happen. And so be it. Sometimes opportunities that we miss out on can actually be blessings in disguise. You never know what it has in store for you until it actually happens. This is why faith in the universal flow is so important. 

If you are living a life you are not happy with, then maybe you should ask yourself if you are going against the flow. Perhaps even go a step further and ask what you can to do be in synch with the flow. 

The Path of Least Resistance

This has been a lingering concept over a long period of time for me. It is a concept that has been written about quite a bit. Some stand for it and some don’t. 

The concept applied in a simple example would be: swimming with the flow, in the natural direction of the river. Seems quite simple. Why would anyone swim in the opposite direction if they could just use the flow and slowly move ashore? – the obvious assumption is that one wants to be ashore after the swim. What if the destination of the person is on the opposite side of the flow – you just walk on land then.

Now, think of this instance in life. Sometimes we want to achieve a certain outcome, but the odds aren’t in our favor. Should we still strive for it? Many would say yes. And then, there is glory to “She rose up against the odds!”. Do people really rise up against the odds? 

Yesterday, I wrote about surrendering and how there are forces beyond our control – like nature. If you are not meant to achieve something, there may be an external factor that destroys all your hard work. If you are meant to achieve something, and things are not working out – the moment you let go, things just work out. You may meet someone who can connect you, or you may come across a previous effort that unexpectedly worked out without your knowledge. 

Many people would say, there is no such thing as “not meant to be” because we write our own stories. Sure, but think about the costs attached. Sometimes people do achieve things they weren’t meant to – is it always by Divine Mercy? No. By the time they achieve what they want, they lose out on a lot of precious things. And if you achieve it by Divine Mercy, then nothing like it – good on you! 

So the path of least resistance is that you keep living day to day, do your part and if it works, it works. If it doesn’t work and you face challenges that make your body stiff for over a week despite having ways to solve the issues, then it is time to change the routine to fit the flow. The flow is never obvious, but it is surely subtle. And if you take time out every day to review your life, you can definitely feel it in the sound of your breath and energy in the body. 

What happens if you don’t follow the flow? 


No matter what situation you are in and what route you choose, there will always be someone who will tell you to pray. They say that God will handle it for you. It is a beautiful feeling only if you believe in God and because you believe he has the power to make your life better. But what about the rest who don’t believe in God?

Well, can surrendering work without a God? I would say absolutely. The minute you surrender, you acknowledge that there are things beyond your control – say nature. This acknowledgment releases a certain amount of pressure and stress from the body. It detaches you as a victim, from you as a creator of your own destiny. Sometimes we blame ourselves for things not working out in a certain way – here, we believe we are the creators and because we aren’t creating, we are suffering like a victim.

The fact is, when you surrender, more than anything else it is your stress level that reduces because you have one less thing to worry about

The moment we surrender, we acknowledge that we have goals which are interdependent on various factors like the weather, the action of other individuals, the interaction of various things and people around us. Once this happens, we keep faith in what we have chosen to surrender in, and we move on to take decisions and actions that will make things fall into place – given the uncontrolled events are fallen into place by way of surrendering. This reduces the pressure of trying to make things happen, and increases focus on the actual things that are in our control.

Sometimes, it may feel like, if we surrender we give away all our power. But that’s not true, the power comes from knowing that you have given due respect to the invisible hand (like nature, etc) and if they accept, they have chosen to help you. 

When people pray to God, it is not because God needs an ego boost. Think of him as a board member of a prominent company, if he/she is not in the loop – will there be any valuable insights or resources provided to the company? No, because the company did not ask for it and the board member has better things to do than enforce his/her whims on to the company. The same way, God, Universe, Mother Nature and all the Light forces will not interfere until you ask them to. They don’t even care if you believe in them or not, all they care about is to make sure they are not present where they are not needed. So even if you choose to surrender without knowing them or following them, it is okay.

The fact is, when you surrender, more than anything else it is your stress level that reduces because you have one less thing to worry about. The less you stress, the healthier the body and the mind with a better functioning capacity. 

The Path of Uncertainty

Each person must go through their fair share of changes in life. Some changes are definitive, with a direction and a pathway. Some changes, however, are not so definitive. To us, their endings seem unwritten and a pathway needs to be made. 

We worry we overthink, we may cry. We think we have done all that we can to make the situation work in our favor, and yet sometimes… nothing seems to work! In such moments, patience really becomes a virtue very few possess. 

I have to live till I die, so I might as well strive and go with the flow.

And those who have habits – preferably good – and patience are generally those who see through certain difficult situations calmly. Those who don’t, often have a harder time. In moments like these where there is uncertainty and no path of how things will work out, I think to myself “The universe got me so far and I have to live till I die. So if I keep doing my daily chores and do one new additional thing every day, maybe the universe will guide me to something. And if it doesn’t now, it has to eventually! I’ve got my whole life for things to work out. Sure, I have goals I would like to achieve, but if they are meant to be – they will be.” And I leave it at that. The answer doesn’t come immediately. The path doesn’t appear magically. But I do re-gain my peace of mind. I have to live till I die, so I might as well strive and go with the flow. 

The universe often tells me, why do you want to know the way? Just ask for what you want, and let us work the way out and when it’s done, you will have your goal. It has worked every time in the past. So just close your eyes and ask as if you know for a fact that you will get it.