Ethics – a perspective

I recently attended a seminar on ethics and corporate governance. And it started with a prayer which guided people to ingrain certain qualities  – such as: not to forget one’s character while being engrossed in any work we carry out. It also pointed out the uselessness of innovation when there is no unity among society. And most importantly, one should not forget culture while being aggressive in business.

While I agree that morals are truly important in all areas of life, I also understand that it is not always possible to be ethical. There are always choices and opportunity costs attached to them – the choice that wins is the one that is valued by the decision maker. I sat in that seminar with people from different cultures and backgrounds and I heard a few snarky remarks. It made me feel bad for the speaker, an old man in his late 60s, but at the same time, it made me think. Somehow at that time, I was partially tuned into my Higher-Self as well. 

And these are comments I heard:

“Oh, now we have to learn ethics!” 

“Blah, blah, blah.”

“The corporates would never strive in an ethical environment. And when it comes down to making a choice between the ethical way and the profitable way, hands down it will be the profit way. How else does one survive? If we make the ethical choices, we may just get replaced for the ones who choose profits”

I sat there thinking why it is that people do not value ethics and morals? 

And the answer came: “because we start too late”. This made me think is ethics a subject to be taught in a Bachelor’s or a Master’s program in the first place? 

It is something that should be part of a child’s life. If the child hasn’t learned between right and wrong by the age of 5, it may be too late. How can we expect a person to carve a path in a dark forest when they couldn’t see the road in bright daylight? 

And perhaps our approach to ethics makes it seem unimportant, because if it is so important – wouldn’t it be part of our lives for a long time?

Often times, when I sit to meditate or do Reiki, I get transported into an idealistic place. This place does not carry human concerns but instead love and uplifting energies – but even then this place can only truly be accessed following a certain code of ethics. I fail to understand why ethics are not spoken about with children, do we think that they are too young? Or is it that we think they won’t understand?

And if we did talk to our children about morals and their life principles, would it reduce incidents of bullying in schools and later on issues in adulthood? It makes me wonder. 

A planned life.

With structure there is predictability,
With predictability, there is certainty…
But structures break,
Just the way they are made.
And like water trapped in a broken dam,
Everything flows.
It must! Reluctantly or gracefully.
Calmly, or forcefully.
It must mould as per the needs of circumstances.

Planning – a skill that is highly valued by the world of management, and no doubt, it ensures that certain tasks are marked off the to-do list. But I sometimes wonder, can life truly be planned? Sure, society has a template – school, college, work, marriage and then retirement, of course, it doesn’t always go in that order and in the recent times, many have chosen not to follow the template itself! And even for those people, I wonder how they direct their lives… whether planning is important to them. 

Time and again the universe keeps telling me that there is a rhythm to life that needs to be heard. If plans are inconsistent with the rhythm – they often fail. Hear that rhythm! It has volumes to tell you. Hear it out and trust it. I wonder how many people know this and follow it. In my previous post, I spoke about the path of least resistance and when the rhythm is followed, the path appears. It’s not always the easiest to catch on to that path though! 

In this materialistic world, we sometimes aim to achieve things that aren’t meant for us. We strive to live a life not meant for us. We push, and we push a little harder until everything is in place and there is a flow… But the minute we stop pushing, things fall apart. All the plans ever made start to crumble and the dreams become undesirable. It’s become a halt. A painful one. I have seen people go through this, but I wonder how many go through it. And if they don’t go through it – is it because they are on their path of least resistance or is it something else altogether?

Whenever I see a client bogged down by life, I see opportunities beyond their miseries. Only if they would be open to it – a start to something new. It’s a wake-up call. “Hey! I’m life. Listen to me… this is what you think you wanted and needed. Turns out, you aren’t too happy. Just flow with me and I’ll show you what you really want and need – your true happiness” and I urge you when that call comes… follow it. Be accepting towards it. 

Embrace it, for if you don’t, it will drag you anyways. And there are two ways to it. Either you’re stuck in the current situation for as long as you want or take the next best route. You will never know what it holds for you unless you choose to walk that route. 

The more resistant people are, the harder it is. I have rarely met a student or client who is already living from the heart, if they were, they wouldn’t need me as such. If you are living through your heart, I’m glad you know your life’s rhythm. And if you are living a life you dread, I hope you hear the wake-up call – and make the changes you need. Listen to that rhythm – it’s screaming to be heard.

Plans are great tools, but they are just tools. The more rigid they are, the more rigid you become. Hence let them guide your life but not dictate it. I love plans, but I also some loopholes in them, and let time fill them. Because when the time is right, things arrive and circumstances arise – some good, some bad – and they will change life for better or worse. And that’s where perspective counts. With synchrodestiny working, there are things bound to happen and sometimes we stop them by intensive planning – so then, they just barge into our lives and destroy the plans. Eventually, new plans are required to work through new situations. So planning is important but so is flexibility and being in synch with the divine life rhythm.

It is really up to us to find the right mix and live it through.

When Do People Really Turn To Reiki?

When I sat to write this article, I wasn’t sure about what the topic would be. So, I decided to channel the topic along with the perspective below. 

Channeled Message

Normally when things are going fine people go about their daily chores with not much mindfulness. Even when they pray, it is not always a prayer from the heart. it is more like a chore – this word is too harsh, but it’s almost obligatory. It is in the lowest of lows that people truly reach out to the divine. It is when they feel all the doors around them have closed and they feel trapped that they pray from the heart for a miracle. And often times they do get a way out if not a full-fledged miracle. 

Sometimes people will see miracles happen on daily basis and yet not recognize it. The human ego is such that it wishes to believe that it is the most powerful. One that can control everything – and when that happens – there will almost always be an ego downfall. Even then people don’t understand, they keep repeating the patterns. Going around making the same decisions they would before, and that’s when the cycle of struggle and success occur. 

If you’re in sync with the life force, life is a path of least resistance. Flow where it takes you, the minute you decide to negate that flow, things start falling apart. This doesn’t mean that one should give up the effort and hard work one puts to get certain things in life. It just means: if effort and hard work are put in the right places, the results come through faster. 

When people tune to Reiki its not always because they are drawn to it instinctively – there are certain cases of course. But the trends often show, it is the helpless people who are looking for solutions – they are the ones that come to Reiki. They are so desperate for things to happen that they commit to their practice and wait for the results. And that is the kind of dedication one needs in order to be in synch with the universe. 

A lot of times people will look down on Reiki and other energy healing methods because they cannot understand the logic and the science behind it, and it is quite a few of these people that learn reiki when they are helpless. And then the logic makes sense to them.

A lot of the science we currently have on Earth is not highly evolved to understand the complexity of logic behind energy healing. It has definitely started to scratch the surface. There are a lot of authors who have written about energy healing i.e. Diana Cooper, Barbara Brennan, Robert Schwartz… and all of them are true but still only at the surface. This area is so vast that it is unimaginable to the human mind. 

In the human mind if there is ‘XYZ’ information which is right, then ‘ABC’ information must be wrong – these certain logic process thinking like deduction is not applicable to the world of energy healing. This is something not every healer will understand either. Its always better to leave each to their own healing modality, because if everything was put together the human nature is such that it may be used for destruction rather than peace. And even though people turn to Reiki to bring calmness to their life, they often forget those reasons once they get the outcome. And then there are cycles of doing Reiki and not doing reiki too. There are very few people who practice Reiki with pure intentions – just like any other healing modality. The good thing is that the more they practice, the more they are purified.

End of Channeling

According to my experience, I do relate to this perspective. I have seen that most of the people I work with are unhappy with conventional solutions and that’s why they seek alternatives like Reiki. It’s usually the desperation of finding a solution that makes people dedicated practitioners and when they see results – they become believers. 

The Highest Good Of All

It is said that Reiki only works for the highest good of all and a student of mine once asked “what is the highest good?” and “how does reiki know the highest good?”

Logically speaking, there are many ways one can define the highest good. The way I see, it is one that incorporates all the levels of – the body, mind, soul, mental, emotional and energy. We mainly use our conscious mind to make decisions, but the subconscious is far more aware and reasonable than the conscious. In the energy form, we tend to use the energy currently present with us (the one that is filtrated by the thoughts and the emotions we feel on daily basis) – rather than the highest form of energy. And on the soul level, we are not always in touch with our higher-self – that’s why we don’t always know the reason we face certain situations and how to respond to them in the best way possible. Because we don’t operate on holistic levels, how can we truly know what’s best for us? 

If something is painful, we know its unpleasant but that is a perception or a filter through which we operate. That painful incident may be teaching us something we need to learn in order to progress forth.

Therefore, when we say that Reiki works for the highest good – it means that the results will not be what your conscious mind wants, but instead something that will help you without hindering your spiritual progress. It is like getting the best deal on what you desire. 

The highest good can also be viewed as an inter-co-relatedness of all the beings in the world – not just humans – but all. Sometimes the desires we express and the reasons we pray may have certain spillover effects on others of which we may not be aware. When Reiki is involved, all these background happenings get taken care of automatically. These background things are also sometimes the reason why we don’t get things or situations to be the way we want, mainly because their energies block it for their good. Reiki manifests the outcome when the energy levels of all things are collaborating and making things fall into place.

It’s no coincidence that when Reiki doesn’t permit certain outcomes, it is mainly because the outcome doesn’t contain the highest good of all.

Why Or Why Not Drugs?

I am often asked why I frown upon on weed and other drug usages, especially because it is so prominently shown in the habits of the Hindu God “Shiva”.  I will not discuss the existence or the non-existence of Lord Shiva in this post, however, the fact that people associate weed to him in order to justify their use is something that concerns me.  

I wouldn’t always have an answer to why I frowned upon drug use, other than the scientific facts and the consequences I have seen people around me experience. 

Then a few of my friends used Lord Shiva to justify it. Yet, to me, it somehow felt inherently wrong. I felt that something in the puzzle was not being shown clearly. I had this conversation with my Reiki teacher a couple years back and she mentioned a profound detail which people conveniently forget – Shiv, the God – is no human, he is God and he possessed the kind of command over earthly things that they would only serve him the way he wanted. While this simple detail is well known, it is conveniently forgotten to justify certain habits and beliefs. 

Now, a couple of years after this conversation I had with her, I feel I need to know more and I’m going to find out by channeling it. 

Channeled Message

Any substance that you cannot control, controls you. It is not just about what you eat but what you experience also. Life in itself controls you by the experiences that you go through – this is the perspective from a human front. If you were to look from the soul front – you are in charge because you have decided what experiences you want the human body to go through on your behalf. Drugs can also be something chosen at a soul level to experience certain feelings, certain consequences, and certain life patterns. 

When you look from my eyes, nothing is bad or good – that is the duality of life that makes you think in terms of good and bad. When you look from the human form, drugs are labeled bad because of altered mind processes which hinder the experience you are meant to have with a sober mind. A sober mind connects to the divine more purely than an altered mind. The reason being is that a sober mind tends to be more alert about the different energies. If trained correctly it can filter out the ones that don’t lead it to the divine. The superficially altered mind is not trained enough to understand the divine. 

The superficially altered mind will see more, hear more and know more – but will not be able to differentiate the realms, the truth from hallucination, and the source of guidance. The reason we call it superficially altered mind is because the changes that occur in the brain due to those substances can actually be created through mental training. Mental training has longer lasting capacity for the state of mind, which is not visible with drugs. The state of mind they create are fleeting and require a pattern of behavior – or habit – to induce those state of minds. Whereas mental training creates the state of mind – not in one go, but over time and it is more sustainable. 

The problem is that mental training requires effort, dedication, and commitment, and the humans want a quick easy and fast solution to everything. They want the mental state but not the benefits of the mental state – the connection to the divine. They think they get the benefit because they enjoy those feelings and the numbness to their reality. 

So essentially, we cannot term the whole thing as drugs are bad – because they can be processed for better use. It is the intention that counts. If the intent is to abuse, then the abuse happens. Drugs do change and alter the brain per use – but so does everything else. And no matter what it cannot cut you off completely from the divine – because if the divine connection is cut, you can no longer live. The divine can only be hidden by certain actions – such as drug use. It stays hidden till you take steps towards it and ask for help. Help is always available, not everyone is ready to ask for it or receive it. 


The Channeled message gave me perspective and a deeper understanding, but I wouldn’t go telling people this unless they ask for it. The next time if someone justifies the use of weed using the Shiva explanation, I’m hoping to remember this. Not that it will change their mind, but to help me remember that no amount of justification can make it seem that it leads to the path of divine and that I must have empathy – for all I know it is a decision taken at a soul level and I mustn’t interfere unless I am asked for help. 

Who Should Be My Teacher?

When I first completed my Reiki Master-Teacher training, I was extremely content at how much I have learned and how far along I had come in my practice. It was after 5 months that I felt an itch that I need to learn more. My teacher (at that time) had not pursued Reiki beyond the Usui system (the traditional and most popular one – also the prerequisite to the 1500+ Reiki types available today). In fact, I didn’t even know that there were other forms of Reiki – what I knew was that I’m not done. I need to learn more. It is then I heard about other forms Reiki.

Initially, I thought it was just money-making schemes because what do you do with people who have learned the Usui system – they are all potential clients. The rest of the people who won’t try Reiki are not even targeted as potential students. So I just let it be. 

Four years later when I took my first client as a Reiki practitioner, I got an intuition to try out a new form of Reiki and then make my opinions about it. It sounded fair enough, and then I went searching for a new teacher online. A lot of questions ran through my head – how do I know whether I am being cheated? What if it’s a scam? Will I find someone who will have the answers to my questions? What if my next teacher is not half as good as my last teacher? 

I ended up searching for a teacher from the Reiki Rays directory, I reached out to a teacher whose articles I loved! Unfortunately, she was very cold while replying and I was put off. I realized if I can’t connect to a person who writes these wonderful articles I cherished – does it really matter who my teacher is? I went on the directory again and chose my current teacher who lived comparatively closer and was okay to have in-person classes. I did not expect anything out of her except the attunements and the technique. Its been over two years now and I feel genuinely connected to her and I can’t be grateful enough to the lady who replied coldly. Because the universe has its way of working, which is well beyond me. 

Today, I have my clients and my students, and I often wonder what brought them to me. And this is the topic I was guided to write about and channel. 

Channeled Message

Today we mention the topic teachers because there are a lot of misconceptions about it. People think there are good teachers and bad teachers, however, it is not so. Firstly, each person is a teacher. The role and the characters they play and use to interact with other beings is in itself a form of teaching – they trigger certain reactions, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. They don’t do it intentionally with the objective to teach – but the teaching occurs at subtle levels. It is then up to the individual to act upon those interactions – either by choosing to let the interaction affect the way one thinks and lives or not. Those choices can be conscious, subconscious, or unconscious – it depends on the mindfulness of the person. 

These are people you meet in daily life, now coming to spiritual teachers – there are so many healing and connecting methods available to the beings of Earth today – even more than a few years back. There’s always a hesitation that we notice people have towards choosing spiritual teachers. There are certain deciding factors too – may be price, location, connections etc. 

And then there are fears of meeting spiritual scammers. Spiritual scamming is a real thing. It is not uncommon, there is also something else which is asked often “does my teacher have such and such qualities?” or “Is my teachers vegetarian?” and many questions along this line. Some people look for perfection in their teachers. Some look for friends. Often times there are thoughts like “how can this person even be a teacher? They don’t have anything figured out themselves? How will they guide others if their own life is so fake/ ego-filled/ messed up etc?” It is needed to be known is that spiritual teachers come at all levels. 

What level are you at? If you are at a higher level, you will be guided to a teacher who can guide you at that level. If you are just starting out on your spiritual journey, having a high-level teacher is good – but would you be able to absorb everything they have to offer? Won’t you feel overwhelmed that you will never be good enough or even half as knowledgeable as them? When you start with a teacher who is still also working their way up, you see the struggles – if the teacher is doing the work – you will learn commitment. You will have a teacher advancing and growing with you. It is not uncommon to have a student that grows at a faster pace than the teacher – but that is okay too because the teacher is the gateway to spirituality and the other teachers within it. There is no shame for teachers to let their students advance through other teachers – there is, however, an ego. 

There are teachers who will let ego in the way, but that too is learning – for both – the teacher and the student. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that all the teachers are bound to earthly feelings, emotions, body, and mental states – there are enlightened exceptions, but they don’t teach students who are not ready. Your effort, commitment, level of vibrations, karma – all these and more decide your teacher. And most will have more than one teacher. It is important. Sometimes, the feeling arises – how do I know this is the best teacher for me? And the answer is whatever you choose is whatever will be. There are universal signs, there is certain pull you feel towards the teacher – ask and it will be shown. The right teacher will come at the right time, just when you are ready. And if you are still scared of being with the wrong teacher – pay attention to how the teacher answers the questions you ask. If you feel content with the answer, that is where you should be. As for spiritual scammers, ask questions – that will lead to certain signs, and of course emotions – if a teacher doesn’t inspire you or show you a path which you can follow or constantly makes you feel low – you should know they aren’t the ones. Sometimes the masks are so strong, they are not caught hold of easily, and that’s okay. Because the masks don’t always last.

Eventually, the truth will be out and you would have learned something. 


The Reiki Journey

Welcome to my Blog of SW Healing and More!

I started my journey with Reiki in 2012 when a lot of things in my life were falling out of place. Only now that I look back I realise they fell out for better things to fall into place. I would always feel bitter to the year 2012 and now all I feel is gratitude. Through our bad times, we often curse the circumstances, people, things and the divine. I did too. Not to mention that I was an atheist, so blaming God was not an option given that I didn’t accept his existence. Even today when someone asks me about God, I am not sure what to reply. I am definitely not a religious person for I believe that religion comes with certain restrictions and dogmas. However, I am not an atheist either. I have seen Divine Mercy and I cannot deny it because as things panned out, there is no way I could have done it by myself – that too in the mental state I was in at that point of time. 2012 was my lowest of lows. 

Only now that I look back I realise they fell out for better things  to fall into place.

At this point in time, I do not wish to dwell on 2012, but instead, share my journey. Share the things I have learned, and I have witnessed and the messages I receive from time to time. Each person has a truth and that truth doesn’t have to be the same as mine. Maybe you will never encounter the things I have and maybe you will encounter greater things than I have. Maybe you will connect to what I share, maybe you won’t. I respect those difference, and I pray that you have at least one interaction with the world of divinity. They are definitely the wisest and most loving beings with whom I have ever interacted.

I would also be happy to hear from you about your journeys. There is something beautiful about the paths that brings one closer to the Divine – be it through Reiki or any other energy healing or divination tool.