Acceptance of Self

There are many instances in life where we think “if I was so and so, I would have done extremely well”. Then there are other instances where we are given “advice” to try and be like someone else or try to ingrain… Read More

The Path of Least Resistance 2

I left my last blog post with the question “What happens if you don’t follow the flow?” and today I wish to continue… Many times it will just be a feeling of dissatisfaction – no matter what you do, you don’t feel… Read More

The Path of Least Resistance

This has been a lingering concept over a long period of time for me. It is a concept that has been written about quite a bit. Some stand for it and some don’t.  The concept applied in a simple example would be:… Read More


No matter what situation you are in and what route you choose, there will always be someone who will tell you to pray. They say that God will handle it for you. It is a beautiful feeling only if you believe in… Read More

The Path of Uncertainty

Each person must go through their fair share of changes in life. Some changes are definitive, with a direction and a pathway. Some changes, however, are not so definitive. To us, their endings seem unwritten and a pathway needs to be made. … Read More

Narcissistic Tendencies 

I came across a really surprising video today about narcissistic gaslighting in the energy healing context. It explored how energy healings, tarot readings, therapies, etc could sometimes be clouded by inner-self projections of narcissistic people (either us or those around us).  Energy… Read More

Ethics – a perspective

I recently attended a seminar on ethics and corporate governance. And it started with a prayer which guided people to ingrain certain qualities  – such as: not to forget one’s character while being engrossed in any work we carry out. It also… Read More

A planned life.

With structure there is predictability, With predictability, there is certainty… But structures break, Just the way they are made. And like water trapped in a broken dam, Everything flows. It must! Reluctantly or gracefully. Calmly, or forcefully. It must mould as per… Read More

The Highest Good Of All

It is said that Reiki only works for the highest good of all and a student of mine once asked “what is the highest good?” and “how does reiki know the highest good?” Logically speaking, there are many ways one can define… Read More