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What is Violet Flame Meditation?

The color Violet – a shade of purple is strongly associated with healing and transmutation of energy. It helps to convert negative energy into positive energy. In color therapy, it is known to be a cooling color that signifies knowledge and higher… Read More

Emotions and Life Lessons

With the digital age, more conversations happen online than offline. The world has become small, sometimes the connections we have online seem real than the ones we have offline. The younger generation, or the generation z as we categorize them, is better at… Read More


No matter what situation you are in and what route you choose, there will always be someone who will tell you to pray. They say that God will handle it for you. It is a beautiful feeling only if you believe in… Read More

The Path of Uncertainty

Each person must go through their fair share of changes in life. Some changes are definitive, with a direction and a pathway. Some changes, however, are not so definitive. To us, their endings seem unwritten and a pathway needs to be made. … Read More

Fear and Anxiety 

I would say fear is one of the stronger emotions in the lot. It is capable of making a perfectly sound person paranoid and sometimes even to the edge of being insane. Fear triggers certain chemical reactions in the body such as… Read More

The Divine Plan and Anxiety

There are many levels of anxiety and of course, there is the good kind and the bad kind. The good kind is almost always involved when we are in sync with the divine plan. But when we are not in sync with… Read More