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What is Violet Flame Meditation?

The color Violet – a shade of purple is strongly associated with healing and transmutation of energy. It helps to convert negative energy into positive energy. In color therapy, it is known to be a cooling color that signifies knowledge and higher… Read More

Holistic Health and Energy Healing

Holistic Health is an approach to improving health with the balance of mind, body, emotions and soul. We are often taught about the factors of healthy living as eating right, exercising enough, getting proper rest and drinking good amounts of water. Many… Read More

Why Meditation? — Deile therapy centre

I absolutely loved this article about meditation and its benefits. Meditation is the fastest way to raise your vibration, get in touch with your feelings and emotions and connect you more strongly with your God self. Benefits of Meditation Daily meditation brings… Read More

Making Decisions Aligned to the Soul

What makes a decision good? It is not uncommon to be confused while making decisions. In fact, many of us keep second-guessing whether we made the right choice after actually making the choice.  The “fear of missing out” or “FOMO” culture is… Read More

The Path of Least Resistance 2

I left my last blog post with the question “What happens if you don’t follow the flow?” and today I wish to continue… Many times it will just be a feeling of dissatisfaction – no matter what you do, you don’t feel… Read More

Fear and Anxiety 

I would say fear is one of the stronger emotions in the lot. It is capable of making a perfectly sound person paranoid and sometimes even to the edge of being insane. Fear triggers certain chemical reactions in the body such as… Read More

Instant Karma

There used to be a time in my life where I would look at the nasty things some people did, and I would wonder “Is there really such a thing as karma? Why haven’t they gotten back what they have been sowing… Read More

Respecting the Body

As we grow older, we realize the changes in our body – not the minute they pop up, but the minute they can no longer keep up with the pace of the mind. It is then we reflect and think we are… Read More

Forms of Reiki

Master Mikao Usui, the man who re-discovered Reiki as we know it today. It is a wonderful energy healing system that works through the universal wisdom. When Master Usui brought Reiki to us, it had 3 levels and 4 symbols activated through… Read More

 The Yin and Yang of Energies

In the healing world, we often talk about positive and negative energies. We believe in the principles of thermodynamics in physics – energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. The denser the energy particles the more… Read More